2019 Meal Plan: Week 16

Hello friends! I'm here with this week's meal plan, and on time too!!! I'm hoping that nothing changes for this week, because I'm pretty psyched about the food haha. April 15: yellow rice chicken skillet, salad April 16: pasta bake (using Italian sausage), garlic bread, salad April 17: breaded baked pork chops, rice pilaf, fresh … Continue reading 2019 Meal Plan: Week 16

2019 Meal Plan: Week 15

I'm late with this post, but that's okay, because all good things in good time, or something like that, right? Right. Moving on.... I actually thought about changing up how I do these posts, or adding another one. Our meal plans are for Monday through Sunday because my Happy Planner is formatted Monday through Sunday. … Continue reading 2019 Meal Plan: Week 15