2019 Meal Plan: Weeks 37 & 38

meal plan white

I’m sure you know what’s coming, because at this point, it’s nothing new. But, I didn’t post last week’s meal plan. It was a hectic week, again, and I never got around to it.

We did round one of our floors on 9/7 and round two on 9/14. My house was in total disarray and I had no clue where anything was, including the meal plan most of the time. I didn’t even do my weekly planning for two weeks in a row, so that’s saying something!

WEEK 37:
September 9: jalapeno & cream cheese stuffed burgers, zucchini
September 10: pickle-brined chicken, salad, Brussels sprouts
September 11: Parmesan Dijon pork chops, Brussels sprouts, cheesy bread sticks (lol)
September 12: taco salad, taquitos (LOL)
September 13: provolone meatball bake, blistered green beans
September 14: lunch leftovers (we ordered Italian beefs), mac & cheese
September 15: cheddar brats, cheesy cauli-rice

WEEK 38:
September 16: tacos (my parents came over)
September 17: meatballs with a mushroom sauce, salad, mashed potatoes
September 18: sausage crust pizzas, salad
September 19: slow cooker pizza chicken, cheesy cauli-rice (let’s be real – I’ll probably snag some bread sticks from Aldi)
September 20: chicken curry, curry cauli-rice, salad
September 21: going out to a local bar so we’ll probably eat out
September 22: air fryer buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers, salad

I know I keep saying it, but there’s an update coming soon, I promise! But for now, enjoy two weeks of a completed meal plan!!

What are you eating?

xoxo, Amber

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