2019 Meal Plan: Weeks 35 & 36

Sigh. I failed you all again. This month has been hell for me, though. We had so many things going on here, and at work, and I had to finish up my school term (I finished 3 out of 4 classes because that’s how bad things were for me). So needless to say, a lot of things were pushed aside, and my blog was one of them. I tried to keep up with the meal plans the past few months as the craziness started, and even then, I failed.

I don’t remember all that we ate last week. Again. I know we went out for Kalen’s birthday, made barbecue pork in the Crockpot, we had leftovers from Karen’s surprise party, a keto pizza casserole, and Saturday I was not home. Tonight, Sunday, we’re supposed to be having mini pizzas but Kalen’s doing some fantasy football draft and I have no idea when he’ll be home, so who knows.

But next week? Next week we have a plan!

September 2: jalapeno and cream cheese stuffed burgers on chaffle buns, zucchini au gratin
September 3: stuffed peppers
September 4: taco salad
September 5: cheesy meatball bake, zucchini
September 6: chaffle big macs
September 7: we’re putting down new flooring so we’ll probably just order something
September 8: smoked chuck roast (not sure on the sides yet)

So now that I’ve started a new school term, I’m hoping that things will sort of calm down and I’ll be able to post an update of sorts soon. We’re still pursuing financial independence (and our local group had a meetup in July and we’re planning our second one for the end of the month or beginning of October), so I’m excited for stuff to calm down and share the updates with you.

So, what are you eating this coming week? Share your meal plans below – you never know who will be inspired!

xoxo, Amber

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