2019 Meal Plan: Weeks 31 & 32

Friends. I suck. Twice now I have not posted the previous week’s menu plan. And honestly, I don’t remember what all we ate last week, because we didn’t stick to the original meal plan 100%.

I know on Monday, we had some grilled juicy Lucy burgers. On Tuesday we had oven roasted chicken shawarma on pita with garlic dip. Wednesday I classed it up and had some frozen corn dogs MICROWAVED and some Mrs. T’s kraut pierogi (do not recommend). Thursday we ordered pizza for my mother-in-law’s birthday. Friday I went to dinner with my mom, sister, and aunt. Saturday we had grilled buffalo wings. Sunday? Sunday we smoked a turkey.

I don’t know what we had with them as sides. Not a dang clue. I tossed the meal plan I had written down. I never made a typed copy. I seriously dropped the ball.

But alas, I am here to redeem myself!

meal plan white

August 5: we cobbled together chicken Parmesan topped with fresh mozzarella, baked ziti with fresh basil and fresh mozzarella, and zucchini. Twas good.
August 6: cornbread topped turkey pot pie, salad
August 7: chorizo tacos, cauli-rice
August 8: I’ll be making nut cups for my sister’s wedding shower and Kalen’s mom will be over here for dinner with him
August 9: mini pizzas we were supposed to make weeks ago, salad
August 10: shower day so if we have dinner, I’ll be making lemon rice soup and sloppy Joe’s. And by if, I mean when. Cuz I’m eating twice.
August 11: grilling something, rice pilaf, and salad

Next week I’ll do better, I promise.

xoxo, Amber

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