2019 Meal Plan: Weeks 29 & 30

meal plan white

Last week was another week that quite honestly got away from me. We meal planned, but definitely didn’t follow it. I never typed it up or wrote it down. I took some recipes, tossed them in a pile, and we called it a day.


I don’t remember what we ate. I mean, I know we had frozen pizza one night. We went to Red Robin another. I made up a chicken/zucchini dish (I’ll share that recipe soon because it was DELICIOUS), and we had hot dogs another night.

This week, we planned a little better, but we still already screwed up haha.

July 22: county fair for dinner: I had a 6″ corn dog, elotes, 2 beef tacos, and fried Oreo cookies, because fair food
July 23: grilled Italian sausage, garlic noodle, grilled zucchini
July 24: bbq beef and cabbage, salad
July 25: bbq beef and cabbage (yes, two days in a row), green beans (or salad, we’ll see)
July 26: white pizza with pesto
July 27: grill something – we’ll see what we pull out
July 28: grill something – we’ll see what we pull out

Monday and Wednesday were changed this week, and Tuesday was changed up a little bit, but hey – we go with the flow!

What are you eating this week? Let me know!

xoxo, Amber

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