Today I realized that I haven’t posted anything that isn’t a meal plan since March. Things have been hectic around here, with what feels like no free time. I keep hoping that we’re entering a calmer season of life, but it never seems to come!

I thought that I’d start trying to do a “Currently…” style post occasionally to keep everyone kind of in the loop, and to help break up the meal plan posts. Plus, who doesn’t want to know what I’m doing?

Let’s get to it!

Currently, I am…

loving: The warmer weather finally coming this way has me pumped up for summertime! My aunt has a pool, and my favorite thing to do is be in that pool haha. The warmer weather also means more walks with Molly, more sitting out on the deck, and more bike rides with Kalen. Hello Summer!
eating: ALL THE VEGGIES!!! We’ve been having a lot of veggies that just taste so much better since they’re in season now. I can’t wait to say we’re eating what we grew in our garden!
doing: Well, other than posting this (haha), I’m trying to just relax. I have to work tomorrow (hey overtime!), so while I would normally be busting my butt to get a lot done this weekend, I’m just going to sit back and relax and study.
reading: Other than my textbook? The Core by Peter Brett. It’s part of the Demon Cycle series and it’s so so so good. I’m also reading through Seamless by Angie Smith and using my Faith Planner to jot down my takeaways from each day. I’ve just started this week, but I’m loving the book and the planner so far! If you’re looking for a book series or a Bible study, I recommend both!
watching: We just finished Chernobyl, and haven’t started anything new yet. I’m actually currently watching a YouTube video though. Gotta love those Dollar Tree hauls!
listening to: Choose FI podcast, duh! This has been life changing! I’ll get around to doing an update on our own FI journey and what changes we’ve implemented, but for now, just go listen. You can thank me later.
planning: My sister’s wedding shower, bachelorette party, wedding, AND another trip to Germany next year! I just got the approval from my boss, and I’m stoked!
making: A mess? haha. I have been meaning to get down to my jewelry desk and make some new earrings (for myself and my Etsy shop, and I’ve been working on some new crocheted cowl ideas.
cooking: Some bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers. They’re nothing special or original, but damn are they delicious! I’ll post the recipe when I feel I have it perfected!

So, that’s my life right now! What are you up to currently? Let me know below!

xoxo, Amber

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