2019 Meal Plan: Week 19


Happy Monday, friends! Today has been so incredibly hectic, and because of that, we already altered the meal plan. Does it count since it wasn’t posted yet? I’m saying it does NOT!

Yesterday we celebrated my Mom’s birthday with a Cinco de Mayo theme, and man was it tasty! This weekend was absolutely beautiful in terms of the weather, and that was fitting as we had another wedding to attend on Saturday. As the weather gets warmer and the nights get longer, I get happier.

Pretty soon, our meal plans will involve a lot of grilling. But for now, let’s see what we’re eating!

May 6: leftover tacos
May 7: Crockpot pork chops, homemade mashed potatoes (I add cream cheese, milk, butter, and ample amounts of salt & pepper to mine), fresh green beans (probably blistered beans, as they are easy and we love them)
May 8: zucchini sausage ravioli bake, garlic bread
May 9: simple creamy pasta in the pressure cooker, salad, garlic bread
May 10: Parmesan Dijon pork chops, rice of some sort, salad
May 11: steak (ON THE GRILL), baked potatoes, asparagus (ON THE GRILL)…yeah, I’m excited.
May 12: Mother’s Day! Not sure yet what we’re doing, however, but it will be either with family or something simple.

And so that’s it for this week! What will you be eating?

xoxo, Amber

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