2019 Meal Plan: Week 17


Friends. I feel like I’m losing track of time, and that’s it’s slipping away. Do you ever feel that way?

I meant to get this post up and to you yesterday evening. We spent the night in Chicago on Saturday as an early 5-year wedding anniversary celebration, and when we got home yesterday, the weather was absolutely beautiful. I took my laptop out to the deck, we put the umbrella up, and I sat down to write.

Kalen did some yard work (like pulling up some bushes, yay!), and the whole time I was trying to be creative, Molly was being a monster haha. She tipped over a bin of water that had some very wet charcoal in it (I told Kalen to move the bin last year….sigh). So, I had to set my writing aside and clean that off. Then she was chewing on the plants surrounding the deck, so I had Kalen cut them down (it was planned, for the deck rebuild, but we weren’t planning on it for last night). Finally we were able to finish cooking Easter dinner and sit down outside. And then, it was time for Game of Thrones, and soon after that, bed. The whole night and day flew by in a blink and I had no time to write. Oops!

So now, onto the meal plan!!!

April 22: creamy poblano chicken served over zucchini we sauteed in some olive oil (so so so good.)
April 23: ham & tortellini alfredo using leftover ham from Easter and premade tortellini, asparagus.
April 24: chicken spaghetti, salad.
April 25: Parmesan crusted chicken, leftover mashed potatoes from Easter, zucchini.
April 26: breaded baked chops, rice pilaf, salad.
April 27: Ohio for my best friend’s wedding!
April 28: brats, oven fries, green beans.

This week is pretty simple, and we’ll be kept busy with spring chores around the house, and school for me.

How is your week looking? Have you planned any new meals? These are all new recipes for us, so I’m excited!

xoxo, Amber

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