2019 Meal Plan: Week 15


I’m late with this post, but that’s okay, because all good things in good time, or something like that, right? Right. Moving on….

I actually thought about changing up how I do these posts, or adding another one. Our meal plans are for Monday through Sunday because my Happy Planner is formatted Monday through Sunday.

See? Isn’t she pretty?

I thought it best to stick to that format, just to make life easier on myself, and so far it’s worked wonderfully. Every Wednesday night, I sit down and create the next week’s meal plan, then I write out the grocery list. Every Thursday, we get home after work, take Molly out to potty, and then crate her again and go to Aldi to do the shopping. This system has been magic in our lives, no joke. We’d been shopping on Saturday, and it was always hell on earth in that store. One week we had something going on and had to go on Thursday, and from then we’ve been going every Thursday. It’s been heavenly, friends.

But, things can change throughout the week. So, I thought about posting the meal plan after the week, but that isn’t what we’d have planned either. For example, Week 14 called for burgers on Friday. We ordered pizza, had that for dinner on Saturday as well, and had the burgers on Sunday. So, then I thought that maybe I’d do a weekly review of our meals. I’m still undecided, but there will be some slight changes coming.

For this week, since it’s essentially over, I’ll post what we’d planned and what we ate. Flexibility is key when meal planning, in my opinion.

April 8: We’d planned on having air fryer cracklin chicken, cheesy quinoa, and blistered beans. Instead, we went to a local wing place with Ashley and Eric to use her free wings coupon for her birthday.
April 9: We were supposed to have yellow rice chicken skillet and asparagus but instead we had Monday’s meal minus the beans, and had the asparagus.
April 10: We were supposed to have brats, cheesy quinoa, and blistered beans, but we moved this to Thursday and had Thursday’s meal of ranch chops, simple cream cheese corn, and had beans rather than the carrots we’d planned for.
April 11: See Above. haha.
April 12: We were supposed to have Ritz cracker chicken, baked potatoes, and green beans, but neither of us felt like cooking. We had a frozen pizza and some taquitos instead. Healthy. Balance. We treat our bodies like temples.
April 13: Today we’re going to my Mom’s house for chop suey to celebrate my sister’s birthday (which is actually on Sunday).
April 14: We were supposed to have low-carb Parmesan Dijon chops with baked potatoes and asparagus. We will be having Ritz cracker chicken, baked potatoes, and carrots instead.

So see how much changed from the beginning of the week? We don’t always stick to the plan 100% and that’s okay!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Tell me, what are you making for Easter? Are you hosting or visiting? Let me know!

xoxo, Amber

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