2019 Meal Plan: Week 14

Hello friends! Tomorrow it is officially April, and I’m still wondering when January ended! Who else feels like this year has been flying by? I can’t be the only one!!!

This week, and next (which you’ll see later) we did a little something different. We planned for two weeks rather than one, just to see how we like it. I’ll be honest – meal planning is something I enjoy and I don’t see us sticking to this method.

Anyway, onto the meals!

April 1: skillet cheeseburger pasta, salad
April 2: brats, homemade mac & cheese using Irish beer cheese, salad
April 3: one pot chili pasta, salad
April 4: freezer meal
April 5: jalapeno & cream cheese stuffed burgers, fried, potatoes, salad
April 6: we have a birthday party so no cooking
April 7: herb & mustard pork loin, rice pilaf, asparagus

Pretty simple stuff this week!! What are you eating?

xoxo, Amber

One thought on “2019 Meal Plan: Week 14

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