2019 Meal Plan: Week 13


Happy Spring, friends!!! It’s been a crazy busy week, and last week did not go as planned, but it was a good start to spring nonetheless. We had dinner at my mother-in-law’s house (Kalen installed a security system – someone broke in two weeks ago!), and we had a dinner out Saturday for my future brother-in-law’s birthday (sushi! hibachi! sake! OH MY!). Tonight, we had leftover Costco rotisserie chicken (what kind of drugs do they coat that with to make it so addicting?) that I picked up Saturday after we went bridesmaid dressing shopping. I was hungry, what can I say?

For breakfasts I’ve been taking my usual hard boiled eggs, a Cara Cara orange (I have some blackberries for this week too), and I’ve been taking some Keto Sausage Balls with as well (last week we mixed regular and hot sausage, and this week we did hot sausage and pepperjack cheese). I’m trying to get away from the excessive amount of fruit I’d been eating and up my veggies. For snacks I have my usual mozzarella string cheese, salami/beef sticks, and I picked up some mini peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I also have some pork rinds for when I want crunch. I’ll have this stuff with either homemade ranch dip or with French onion dip. Or hummus.

For lunch, it will be either leftovers, or sandwiches. I think I’m going to make up a big batch of tuna salad, and add hard boiled eggs, mustard, mayo, and chopped onions and pickles, and then I can eat it with some pork rinds or veggies.

And now, onto the meal plan!!!
Mar. 25: out to a local wing joint to use my birthday coupon.
Mar. 26: jalapeno popper chicken casserole (this is a new one!), bacon-wrapped poppers, salad.
Mar. 27: creamy Cajun chicken & cabbage.
Mar. 28: pizza chicken, creamy cauli-rice.
Mar. 29: low-carb big macs, zucchini fries.
Mar. 30: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Not sure what we’re doing, but it’s likely tacos here or at my Mom’s house.
Mar. 31: almond crusted baked chicken, homemade mac & cheese w/Irish beer cheese, salad.

I’m still trying to cut down on my carbs, per my doctor’s instructions, and get my health back, as you can see. So, we’ll see how this week goes! I’d like to get back to being strict low carb/keto starting April 1st. That’s another thing we’ll see how that goes!

What are you eating this week? Share below, and have a delicious week!

xoxo, Amber

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