2019 Meal Plan: Week 12

I goofed. I forgot to post Week 11’s meal plan. In hindsight, that was okay, because week 11 did NOT follow the plan!!! It was one of those crazy weeks, and meals were changed three days (including tomorrow’s meal), and a flop one night. Oops! We ended up having a wake to attend Wednesday, so we ordered out. Friday we went to dinner (Red Robin) with my friend, her husband, and one of her kids, and tomorrow we’ll be at my mom’s house for dinner rather than home.

This coming week will hopefully go according to plan, because I’m excited for these dishes haha.

Mar. 18: bacon, cream cheese, and cheddar chicken (we’ve made this before) but this time we’re using a garlic herb cream cheese we’ll whip up, and then frizzled cabbage.
Mar. 19: skillet cheesy chicken & cauli-rice, salad.
Mar. 20: crispy chicken thighs with herb butter, crisp garlic Parmesan beans.
Mar. 21: freezer meal, salad.
Mar. 22: cheesy chicken fritters, garlic & bacon Brussels sprouts for me, salad for Kalen.
Mar. 23: buffalo chicken jalapeno popper casserole (again, we’ve made this MANY times haha), bacon fried cabbage.
Mar. 24: sous vide pork carnitas, creamy cauli-rice.

Today we’re making some homemade pizza, and if it’s delicious, I’ll do a recipe post for it. What are you all eating?

xoxo, Amber

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