2019 Meal Plan: Week 9

It’s time for this week’s meal plan! Last week we went a little off from what we’d planned: buffalo chicken legs on Friday, and Saturday we had dinner at a friend’s house for their birthday. Tuesday my sister had called me to go look at bridesmaid dresses, so her and I grabbed a sandwich from Arby’s (her treat), and Kalen just had a sandwich. Our lunch Wednesday was Tuesday’s dinner. We also didn’t buy anything special for the pizza Friday, minus the crusts, and they’ll be used this coming week, which you’ll see soon. We had all the stuff for the chicken legs already, so that was fine with me too. We also made mashed potatoes for dinner tonight rather than rice, because I didn’t think the potatoes would last until this weekend.

Anyway, here’s what we’re going to be eating this coming week!

Feb. 25: Kahlua pork (actually made this up tonight), blistered green beans, salad.
Feb. 26: Pork tacos using the leftover Kahlua pork (we’ll crisp it up in the pan), elotes.
Feb. 27: Crockpot BBQ chicken legs, homemade macaroni and cheese, salad.
Feb. 28: Chorizo tacos (again!), salad.
Mar. 1: Homemade pizzas, salad.
Mar. 2: Jalapeno & cream cheese stuffed burgers, rice, salad.
Mar. 3: Ranch chops, rice, salad.

We’re not going to be cooking once and eating twice much this week, but we’re definitely having easy meals. Kalen and I both enjoy cooking, so that isn’t much of an issue there, either. Also, these are all delicious meals. Win-win.

What are you eating this week? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Amber

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