2019 Meal Plan: Week 8


Hello and welcome to our 8th straight week of Meal Plans! I’ve loved being consistent with this “feature” of the blog, and I hope you’re loving it just as much!

This week is pretty simple, but delicious. Well, at least to me. And to Kalen. And hopefully, you’ll think so too!

Feb. 18: Spaghetti (we used two links of hot Italian sausage and 1lb of ground beef and whole wheat spaghetti, plus copious amounts of seasoning), salad (still digging the huge salads), and some cheesy garlic toast. Okay, today was pretty carb-heavy but it was good!
Feb. 19: Salsa chicken in the Crockpot, cilantro lime brown rice, and black beans. We’ll probably turn these into a Chipotle-style burrito bowl.
Feb. 20: Taking the leftover spaghetti, adding some alfredo sauce, topping with cheese, and baking. Plus a salad. Maybe garlic toast (that’s the plan, but I think we’ll skip it).
Feb. 21: Using leftover salsa chicken to make some tacos.
Feb. 22: Homemade pizzas (might do one with frozen meatballs, but not sure, and one will be turkey pepperoni), and a huge salad. We might even just make one and save the premade crust for next week.
Feb. 23: Jalapeno & cream cheese stuffed burgers, baked or fried potatoes (if they’re still good), and a big salad.
Feb. 24: Spatchcocked herb & butter chicken (we didn’t make this two weeks ago), carrots, and rice of some sort.

We’re still trying the method of having leftovers for dinner rather than lunches (although we made enough spaghetti for 50 people), and so far we’re not mad about it. I think it helps if the meal was delicious to start with, but also if you can change it up a little bit, like baking the spaghetti for round two. I’m not sure if we’ll stick with this or not, especially when it’s warmer outside. We love to grill and we tend to eat way more fresh produce then. But for now, in the winter? It’s been great!

And, that pretty little meal plan image up there? It gets to live between these two beautiful pages in my planner.

I am in LOVE with this spread. You can check out the video H E R E if you’re interested.

Anyway, that is what we’re eating this week! What’s on your plates?

xoxo, Amber

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