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I love our home. Truly, I do. We had a list of things we wanted in a home (3 bedrooms, a basement, two toilets, and not in need of too many renovations), and we found almost every single thing in our house. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a vanity built into the master, an upstairs laundry room (truth be told, we’d prefer this in the basement though), a full basement, and we really only had to paint. We will eventually replace the carpet (it was eh to begin with, and now that we’re trying to potty train a puppy, it’s worse), and we plan on putting in a new deck (the current deck is small). I’d like to eventually replace the windows (they’re not bad, but they’re not great), and I want to replace my bathroom sink (there are cigarette marks from the previous owners). Eventually we’d like to replace the counters, which I painted when we moved in, but our biggest project?

Finishing the basement.
insert daunting music here

Our plans (okay, mainly mine) for the basement include a guest room, a craft room, a space for games (board games), a living room area, and maybe a bar. Depending on the space/cost/ability, we’d like to have the laundry moved down there, and I’d really like a toilet (or full bathroom) down there as well.

We have family that live out of state, and we have a guest room now, but since we’d like to, hopefully, have children, that room and the current office need to be relocated. I realize that a basement guest room isn’t necessarily ideal, but it’s better than nothing. That’s also why I’d like a full bathroom down there (but will settle for a half-bath).

The craft room I envision may or may not be the office as well, but it will definitely have room for my planning materials, my yarn, and my jewelry making supplies! I think the computer setup will depend on our family at the time of the renovation, so it’s hard to say.

We love board games, so we both want a nice space to store the games, and to play the games. Plus, in theory, that game space would include a large table, so it’d be great for hosting any holidays or parties, or just hanging out.

The bar area would be just that – a simple bar area. And of course, the living room space would have a TV, sitting areas, etc. because that’s a given.

This, obviously, would not be a cheap project, and will not be an easy project. It’s a goal, a dream, a plan – it might not be what we planned. It might be just what we planned. Hell, it might not ever get done. But doesn’t it sound lovely?

Have you ever completed a major home renovation like this? Any tips and/or tricks? Share them in the comments below!

xoxo, Amber

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