Promises to Make

I'm a procrastinator. Terribly so, in fact. It doesn't matter how much I want something, or how good I know it'd be for me - I can easily find a reason to put it off day after day. The biggest area where this happens? Losing weight/being healthy. Now, before I get any comments, I want … Continue reading Promises to Make

2019 Meal Plan: Week 9

It's time for this week's meal plan! Last week we went a little off from what we'd planned: buffalo chicken legs on Friday, and Saturday we had dinner at a friend's house for their birthday. Tuesday my sister had called me to go look at bridesmaid dresses, so her and I grabbed a sandwich from … Continue reading 2019 Meal Plan: Week 9

Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash & Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash I love our home. Truly, I do. We had a list of things we wanted in a home (3 bedrooms, a basement, two toilets, and not in need of too many renovations), and we found almost every single thing in our house. Three … Continue reading