Polar Vortex

Right now, it’s colder where I’m at than it is in Antarctica. I took Monday off because I knew there was no way my car would make it through all the snow, and this was vindicated when I watched the PLOW TRUCK get stuck in the snow on my road. Today, our office is closed, so I’m once again at home.

I’d like to say I’m complaining but I’m not. Monday Kalen worked from home, and I spent my day watching movies and loom knitting. Today, I’ve tracked recipes (more on that later), pinned a few DIY projects, had breakfast, and have done a few other various little things, and it’s 10:48am. I’m feeling increasingly productive, and it will be shot to hell tomorrow when I have to go back to work haha.

Since it’s too cold to go anywhere, or to be outside for more than a few minutes, I plan on being productive! Today’s plans include vacuuming the house, cleaning the counters, cleaning the dining room table, sorting through clothes I’m donating, straightening my vanity (this takes a backseat to everything else), straightening up the pantry, straightening up the office couch (it’s become a dumping ground of sorts for me; also taking a backseat), working on the loom scarf, and school stuff. I have to finish up a paper, work on a presentation script, and start my next class. This term ends at the end of February, and I have finished 1 out of 4 classes. Class #2 is almost finished, minus the paper and presentation. Class #3 involves a test and a paper, and class #4 likely won’t be completed (microeconomics, and it’s the bane of my existence). I had hoped to go through future classes to let my mentor know which would be quicker for me to complete, but I haven’t had a chance. I have time, though.

Today is shaping up to be pretty busy, particularly now that I’ve seen that typed up! Is anyone else dealing with frigid temperatures today? What are your plans!?

xoxo, Amber

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