2019 Meal Plan: Week 5

I think my favorite part about a new week is the new meal plan. That makes me sound really into food, and I am, but more importantly, I’m into trying out new things, and that includes food. We do have those certain dishes that we make more than once, or more frequently than others, but I love searching through printed recipes, saved blog posts, and loved cook books to find what Kalen and I will be eating that coming week, or for a few weeks to come.

I think I love meal planning almost as much as I love cooking, and it’s likely tied for how much I love wooden spoons and shopping for new kitchen supplies. Seriously, I love wooden spoons. I actually have a recipe for spoon butter I need to make to keep them in tip top shape.

So, this coming week (I plan Monday-Sunday), we’re doing a few new recipes, and one that we planned to make and ended up not making. And I’m excited, and hungry. Onto the foods!

Jan. 28: buttery garlic chicken, asparagus, salad
Jan. 29: cheesy salsa chicken tacos (or taco bowls), cauli-rice, black beans (this was meant for Saturday of the past week, but we had dinner plans so it was moved)
Jan. 30: baked garlic and paprika chicken legs w/beans, salad, broccoli
Jan. 31: zucchini sausage casserole (I’ll share this if it’s good!), salad
Feb. 1: freezer meal, salad
Feb. 2: charcuterie board – we picked up some spicy salami, turkey pepperoni, brie, and we have more than enough olives, pickles, and other cheeses
Feb. 3: keto stuffed cabbage (this might change if we go to my parents’ house for the Superbowl)

One thing not quite related to meals, but related to planning: I filmed and uploaded my first “Plan with Me” on my YouTube channel and there will certainly be more to come!

You can catch the whole thing H E R E !!!

That’s all for this week – are you still meal planning? Let me know!

xoxo, Amber

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