Sick Day Activities


Yesterday, I stayed home sick from work, and I thankfully started to feel better around the afternoon portion of my day, which is also when I emerged from the bedroom.

I tested the food waters with some tuna mixed with two chopped up hardboiled eggs, some mayo, some mustard, and some celery salt, plus two Kraft mozzarella string cheese sticks, and two tablespoons of roasted and unsalted sunflower nuts. When those cooperated (and man was that all delicious!), I decided that I could maybe accomplish some things.

One of my favorite blogs, Wholefully, recently posted about organizing your fridge. While I didn’t get mine looking as beautiful as Cassie’s (an IRL friend from the good old days of LiveJournal!), I did get motivated. I organized our cheese (and tossed some), cleaned out the pickles and olives, and then I took out the cucumbers and mini peppers I insisted on buying, and cut those babies up!


Seeing those freshly cut vegetables stored in their glass containers in my clean fridge warmed my heart, you guys. I even mixed up some homemade ranch dip, because we had not one but two full, unopened containers of sour cream.


Today, I grabbed those fresh veggies, and some dip, and ate them. And, actually, that’s almost all I ate while at work. At least in terms of lunch. I thought about doing a “What I Ate…” post, making it a weekly feature, but I’m not sure how exciting it would be because a lot of it is repetitive. However, it might help hold me accountable with my eating, so I might anyway.

Last night I also decided it’d be better to just meal plan rather than putting it off a day, and to make the grocery list. We did the shopping today, and it was quite an expensive trip! We had a huge bag full of fresh produce though, and lots of other yummy, healthy treats. You’ll get to see that in action with the next weekly meal plan!

Would you like to see a “What I Ate…” post done over here? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Amber

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