2019 Meal Plan: Week 4

Last week I was early, and this week I’m late. Oh well, I can’t always be perfect!

I don’t have fun pictures this week. It has been stupidly cold and icy and snowy. I’ve been stupidly run-down and exhausted and under the weather.

So this week’s post is about keeping it simple and to the point.

Jan. 21: buffalo chicken jalapeño popper casserole (we’ve made this before), zucchini (cooked in a little olive oil, seasoned with pepper and some lemon thyme salt, and tossed with cream cheese), and a salad.
Jan. 22: Cajun chicken pasta made in the Crockpot (from the freezer – this was a freezer meal night), and a salad for the husband and broccoli for me.
Jan. 23: chicken skewers with a peanut dipping sauce (from the 5 Ingredient keto book in last week’s post), blistered green beans, and a cauliflower rice I’ll be making with seasonings, cream cheese, cream, and shredded cheese.
Jan. 24: crack chicken in the pressure cooker, salad, and pasta for the husband (if he wants it).
Jan. 25: another freezer meal (not sure what), and a salad.
Jan. 26: salsa chicken made in the Crockpot (no recipe, just dumping and setting and forgetting), and we’ll turn those into tacos (I likely won’t be using a shell), black beans, and cauliflower rice I’ll season up and add to. The cats have a vet appointment so we’re aiming for easy.
Jan. 27: pulled pork with barbecue sauce in the Crockpot, salad for Kalen and broccoli for me, and some homemade cornbread (I’ll have a sliver, and we can freeze the rest). This would be my Dad’s 61st birthday. The last one I had with him was in 1999. So, I’ll be taking it easy.

What are your meal plans for this week? Share in the comments!

xoxo, Amber

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