2019 Meal Plan: Week 2

This week, and weekend, flew by way too fast for me! Our meal plan last week was semi-followed. Tuesday we ended up having Buffalo Wild Wings because was A. had a $40 gift card and B. my friend came by with her computer so my husband could fix it. Wednesday we had the baked ziti (so good, and we froze the leftovers), Thursday we had the chicken Milanese, and Friday we had dinner at my sister’s. Saturday, I spent the day inside cleaning up. Christmas was already packed away, but we lugged the tree out, and I vacuumed, dusted, and just cleaned. Kalen took down the decorations out in the yard and off the house, and there were a lot of walks with Molly. When we finally went grocery shopping, after a trip to Dollar Tree and Home Depot, we hit up Aldi first, which was always do.
We got two packs of romaine, pizza bagels (don’t ask), two packs of frozen strawberries, a half gallon of milk, canola oil, two packs of the Asian chopped salad, two bags of grapes (only one is pictures), 6 cans of their Ro*Tel, two containers of blueberries, a package of their peanut butter cups (SO GOOD!), and four dozen eggs, already in the other fridge so they’re not pictured. I don’t have an accurate total, but it was around $37.

We followed up Aldi with a local grocery store of ours. There were a few things that Aldi didn’t have and that we needed.
We bought some frozen pizzas (one was our dinner that night haha), two Kickstarts (Kalen’s drink of choice), some frozen breadsticks (dinner Saturday too), some corn meal (Aldi didn’t have it), bananas, and ground beef was on sale so he snagged six pounds of it. The total here was $34.25.

We TECHNICALLY went over our “budget” but that meat will give us six meals, and the canned goods and frozen stuff will last too.

So now, onto our meal plan!!!
Jan. 7: Simple creamy chicken soup with homemade bread, and salad. I made the dough for the bread yesterday and baked it today. We enjoyed a slice with our dinner, and it is GOOD.
Jan. 8: Gonna try the chicken thighs in mustard cream sauce, and roasted carrots with vinaigrette again. And of course, salad.
Jan. 9: Shake ‘n Bake (don’t judge – I love that garbage haha), salad for Kalen and broccoli for me, and rice.
Jan. 10: freezer meal and a salad.
Jan. 11: freezer meal and a salad.
Jan. 12: Gonna try the browned butter and lemon thighs again, with the stuffles, again. And a salad.
Jan. 13: Making some chili in the pressure cooker and homemade cornbread.

That’s all for this post! Are you meal planning in 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

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