My Weekly Cleaning Routine


I wish I had some interesting pictures to go with this post, but alas, I only have a picture of the cleaning supply cabinet in our pantry/laundry room and the products I most use.

First up, we have some Awesome Cleaner courtesy of Dollar Tree. I use this when things are really hard to clean, like a cooked on mess on the stove, or when the cats puke in the basement. This isn’t used that often, but it is indeed awesome! I also use Endust a lot – we have real wood furniture, and we have non-wood, and that’s where the Endust comes in. I have some Pledge Multi-Surface, but I find that leaves a film on my stuff. The rest of my most used cleaning products are all by Method. I have the Wood for Good Daily Clean for our dining room table and chairs, and the Wood for Good Polish that I use once a week on the table and on the other wood items in the house. I LOVE how this stuff smells!!! I love the Bathroom Cleaner (and I have the Shower Spray tucked away in my shower)and it cleans the sink/tub/toilet so well. I have two different All-Purpose cleaners, one in pink grapefruit and one in French lavender, and I love both. They are used for the counter tops, the windows, the mirrors, and any other thing my heart desires to clean. I also have baskets of microfiber rags and regular rags that I use for various tasks. And, not pictured, are the vacuum, fan duster, and Swiffer (we have a washable pad for it).

So, Saturdays are my typical cleaning day. Throughout the week, of course, I do clean – vacuum (hello two cats and one dog), clean the counters, and clean the table), but on Saturday, I go nuts. First, I eat though. Gotta have strength and all that.

I tend to start my cleaning days in the living room/dining room/kitchen (open concept) by clearing surfaces. With Molly though, I have to do that in batches haha. I’ll take items back to their proper place (bedroom, office, bathroom, etc.). Then I start to dust. I do it this way because I start from the highest part, and move down. So, as I’m cleaning off the mantle, I will set those items down on the table/counter (and out of Molly’s watch), wiping them down with a microfiber rag, and then I use a regular rag to polish the mantle. After that, I play the fun game of How the heck was this up here before!?. I keep doing this, going around the living room/dining room, dusting with either the polish or the Endust where it is necessary. The table is done after all of that is done, and I use the daily cleaner, followed by the polish. When I do this, I remove EVERYTHING from the table. I pull out the chair and wipe them down with the cleaner (I don’t polish them), and I clean the center shelves. My last stop is the kitchen. I will clean off the counters in batches, moving everything again, and cleaning it with the all-purpose cleaner. The last step out here is to vacuum everything. Then, Kalen will mop the kitchen floor.

After this, I go through each room, making the bed, dusting the furniture, and picking up odds and ends. The guest room is typically a vacuum/dust only room, while the office can be in any given state. I’ll dust and vacuum, but sometimes I have to straighten up, or rearrange items. It varies week to week on that end. In our bedroom, I dust, I change the sheets, make the bed, clean off my vanity (I use the all-purpose for this one), and make sure everything is put away. Kalen’s dresser top is a catch-all in the room so I make it a point to go through that when I have a chance. I move onto the master bathroom, aka my bathroom, and clean the sink and tub. I dust my shelves off in there (Kalen does not). He will clean his bathroom, and then he’ll clean the toilet in mine before he mops both of them. While the floors are drying, I’ll go through the room and vacuum them all, grossing myself out at the amount of stuff picked up (I vacuum the living room/dining room more than once per week, but not the rest of the house).

When I’m cleaning, I like to turn on my wax warmers. We prefer scents like pine, or leaves, or lavender, or outdoorsy scents, so right now we’re in pine mode, and I love it! In the spring/early fall, I love to open the doors and windows and let the fresh air in. Sometimes in the winter, I’ll crack a window or two just to get some fresh air in the house. Nothing makes me feel like my house is clean than some fresh air. Anyone else?

Once I’m done, I like to just sit down and relax! Growing up, we always cleaned on Saturdays, and we’d split it up between the four of us. Did anyone else grow up with a cleaning day? Do you have a cleaning day now? Let me know! And if you have any cleaning tips/tricks/suggestions, let me know that too!

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