Weekly Meal Plan and Some Highlights

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving from Kalen and I!

Last week was crazy hectic between the two Thanksgiving celebrations (one Thursday and one Friday), getting our tree Saturday, grocery shopping Saturday, and decorating for Christmas on Sunday. Plus, Sunday included a lot of cleaning, and it’s my weekly planner day.

My before the pen in the Classic Happy Planner (life planner), and my Mini Happy Planner (mainly just school planner, but some important life bits tossed in). Planning is therapeutic for me, but man is it hard to use all those beautiful stickers!

We haven’t decorated our tree yet (it’s up and there are lights, but we’ll do the ornaments on Saturday), but I did put up our mantle decorations and I set up the dining room table (that box was $20 at a craft fair last year and that thing is a beast!!!). I typically have more Santas out, that I inherited from my Gma, but those are tucked safely away in the curio cabinet. I didn’t put up as much as last year either, because Molly is into everything.

I rarely post pictures of what we eat, because as you can see, I am NOT a food photographer. BUT, I thought I’d share these to spice things up a bit.

We have scrambled eggs with toast pieces (I cut up some sourdough bread, but I actually prefer to use Italian bread) and bacon. Just cut the bread, cook it in butter (like a grilled cheese) and when it’s toasted on both sides, or close to, add another dab of butter and some eggs, and mix it up. It’s something my mother-in-law would make for me, and it’s tasty! We also have some low-carb green bean casserole that was DELICIOUS! I made that for our Friday Thanksgiving. And the last one is my breakfast, but a tragic mishap. In the winter I’ve been taking a kiwi (which I do in the summer), and a clementine. Well, the store had grapes on sale and Kalen accidentally sent me with two of the same thing, and no grapes. TRAGIC.

Okay, this week’s meal plan!

Nov. 25: Keto beef stew, roasted asparagus, sourdough bread (not keto haha). We’ll be making the stew again.
Nov. 26: Hot Italian sausage cooked in the Crockpot and then sliced, mixed with whole wheat rotini, and topped with shredded smoked mozzarella we snagged at Tenuta’s when we were in Wisconsin.
Nov. 27: Creamy spinach and artichoke chicken, rice, blistered green beans.
Nov. 28: Ground beef tacos, black beans, Vigo yellow rice.
Nov. 29: Creamy beef and shells, asparagus.
Nov. 30: Birthday party – no dinner at home.
Dec. 1: Crispy roast pork, carrots, asparagus.
Dec. 2: Order Out – Pizza? Wings?

So, that’s really it for now! This week will be just as busy as the last, except it won’t be crammed with family festivities and online deals and Christmas decorating.

How did you spend your holiday? Let me know!

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