Desperately Seeking Balance

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Growing up, I feel as if I had this image of what being an adult would be like. I’d have everything together, and things would go smoothly and without conflict.

I know, I’m laughing too.

Currently (and for forever now), I’m stressed out because on top of working full time at a job that has me stressed, I’m still in school full time, but I’m not quite finishing classes at the pace I’d like to be doing so. I spent a total of 7 weeks toiling over a class that I didn’t even complete before just Monday I moved onto the next one to try to clear my mind. I no longer have the time I feel I need to dedicate to studying because of life. We have general upkeep of the home (Kalen mainly handles the outside, and I handle the inside), general upkeep of ourselves, and of course, the animals. Molly, being a puppy, is an incredible amount of work, and we’re taking her to puppy classes once per week now, which eats up a good two hour chunk out of the 5 hours we have from the time we get home to the time we go to bed.

I feel like I am not devoting enough time to my studies, or to other things that I feel are important for my mental health. I haven’t read a book since we were in Germany I think, I haven’t been writing, I haven’t crocheted anything or made jewelry, and I haven’t spent much time reading my Bible. I’m definitely not devoting any time to physical activity (outside of your daily physical activity), and I’ve started stress-eating AND stress-spending.

Photo by DANNY G on Unsplash

Because of this, I am realizing just how important it is to find that balance that my life is missing. To be able to do the things that I love and enjoy, but to also do the things that are necessary (I’m looking at you, dusting). I’m a planner. It’s the one thing I make sure I have a chunk of time to do on Sundays, because aside from using it to guide my days and actions, I use it as a way to be creative.

I stick to my planner pretty well, with a few exceptions, so my goal is to be sure to plan some “me time” each day or week (I haven’t decided yet on the frequency haha) and use that time to do something specific. I might plan for 15 minutes of writing on a Monday, or plan for no screen time after a certain point on a Wednesday so I’m reading before bed instead of practicing my German. I need to find another Bible app reading plan to do daily (I use the app to read the daily Bible verse). I need to carve out an hour weekly to crochet or make jewelry.

As much as I’d love to only plan to do things I love (tongue twister?), I need to make sure I’m carving out time to study, and to do chores, and to be more active. Longer walks with Molly, more time spent studying, and dusting more frequently. I fall behind too easily and too often, and I’m in a constant state of being distracted.

Also, because I know you all adore me and thing my posts are amazing and hilarious, I’m going to try to come up with, and stick to, a blogging schedule.

You’re welcome.

For now though, that’s all. I need to take a long, hot shower, and then go snuggle up with my pillows and blankets.

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