Catching Up with Us

August ended with a surprising quickness, and then September came and went. Now, we’re halfway through October and I’m finally getting around to making a new post. Things are occurring that I could write about, that I would love to share, and yet there seems to be no real time to do so. By the time I think of writing a post, there’s something else to attend to, and it takes a backseat.

However, one of my goals is to write more – be it here, LiveJournal, or fiction. Writing is one of my passions, and when I’m not writing, I can feel it in my soul.

Another goal that I have is to create more. In the summer months, I crochet and make jewelry less, as in not at all. A large part of it is that my hands just do not cooperate thanks to the carpal tunnel, but I got another injection last week. The first worked for almost six months, so that’s my hope for this shot. Surgery is still eventual, however.

At the beginning of September, Kalen and some of his friends helped put up our new privacy fence! I wanted this BEFORE we even bought the house, but we had to wait. Finally though, it is done, and it is AMAZING!!!!

The biggest perk of that fence? WE GOT A DOG!!!

Meet Molly. She’s a 4 month old Lab/Shepherd mix, and we adopted her from a rescue. She’s still a naughty puppy, but we’re working on that (tonight was our first class, as a matter of fact).

As a “thank you” for helping with the fence, and because he’s a dear friend, we dog sat Saturday for Finn, who is a beast of a puppy (he’s about 6 or 7 months old, and 65 pounds or more). As a thank you for THAT, our friend brought back a matching purple mouse collar and leash and a Minnie Mouse bow toy for Molly, and the coolest mug for me!

We celebrated a few birthdays – Kalen’s, Alan Jr.’s, Auntie’s, Jaimi’s, Jordan’s, Beatryce’s, Koda’s, Alan’s, Jack’s, Ken’s, AND the birth of my new niece Raven. We spent time with Molly and family. We relaxed at home. We decorated for Halloween (I’ll try to find time to do another post about that, because we have a few things to set out still, in the yard), and we did normal things. It’s been busy, full of love, but also chill. The cats are not pleased at the addition to the family, because although they are more than used to dogs, Molly wants to play from the start, and they want to sniff. They’ll adjust though, and they are already making it a policy to tease her relentlessly (jerks).

This Friday, Kalen and I will be seeing Francesca Battistelli, Saturday is Twenty One Pilots, and Sunday is a cheese/beer stock-up while in Wisconsin. November 10th, Ashley and I are seeing Hanson, and November 10th, Kalen and I are going with friends to see Coheed & Cambria. We also got tickets to see Twenty One Pilots June 28, 2019, and I’m so excited for all of the upcoming shows!

I’ll leave you with some recent makeup selfies I took. I just love fall makeup color schemes, don’t you?

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