Cookbook Meal Plan

Well, hello there! I’m a little late in the week, but I have a meal plan for you! This is this current’s week’s plan, and it’s already changed up a bit (but nothing too major), so I thought I should probably share it before the week is over and we move on.

I have a lot of cookbooks, so I thought that I should go through them, and make a list of some easy recipes that we had most of the ingredients for, and slap those bad boys on our meal plan. Among those cookbooks, there are a few that are aimed at the slow cooker. Well, one of the things I enjoy is not being hot, and using the oven in the summer is hot!

August 20th: We had a freezer meal (a pasta bake – it was a surprise haha) with some garlic bread and a salad. I wasn’t feeling well and hardly ate any of it though. 😦
August 21st: From one of the books, we made Mexican beef that we used for tacos (it’s a burrito recipe, technically), some Mexican cauliflower-rice, and some corn (odd, I know). The beef was so good, and so was the “rice.”
August 22nd: It was supposed to be what we had today, but we ended up picking up Red Robin. Kalen had a free burger, and we had to mow and do some chores when we got home, so it was late by the time we would have been able to start cooking. The weather forecast changed up so that’s why we were unprepared haha.
August 23rd: Grilled chicken breasts (bone-in and skin on, brined and seasoned with a barbecue rub from Aldi), grilled asparagus and zucchini, and some potato pierogi. Tonight’s originally planned meal will be shifted to next week or the week after.
August 24th: We primarily eat low-carb (I realize there were more carbs than usual this week, but only at dinner), so I looked through a Keto book we have, and settled on Parmesan pork chops and roasted asparagus, served with green beans. We might do salad instead of the beans though.
August 25th: Another Crockpot recipe, this time dilly beef, salad, and carrots. It called for the beef to be sandwiches, but we’re just eating it.
August 26th: Barbecue pulled pork (hey there again, Crockpot!), salad, and zucchini. Again, it called for it to be sandwiches, but we’re not doing that (unless I made some Keto bread….).
August 27th: Happy Birthday, Kalen! We’ll be ordering pizza and appetizers (probably breadsticks and mozzarella sticks), and Karen is bringing over a cake. It’s gonna be a carb-heavy day, but whatever!

Not sure what next week will look like beyond that. We’ll be eating here Tuesday-Thursday, and Friday we have a wedding. Hopefully the fence is being done Saturday and Sunday (maybe Monday?), but I don’t know. If it is, we’ll feed the guys, so we’ll probably just order out or make something simple. We’ll see.

What’s on your plates?

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