The Summer Starts to End…

Summertime is FLYING by and it’s really kind of scary to think that 2018 is almost over. Can I slow time down, just a little? Because I feel like there’s so much I need to do this year, and now I have hardly any time left to accomplish any of it. Also, I have done none of it, so there’s that. Go me?

School is going by slowly and is beyond stressful. I’ve been struggling through macroeconomics and I have a sinking feeling that it won’t be finished by the end of the month when the term ends. I’ve been studying, doing the practice quizzes, and the study guide, but while I think I know the material while I’m reading, it makes no sense when I’m taking the quizzes and I feel like I know absolutely nothing. It’s so frustrating. I have never struggled to grasp anything like this before.

We are finally moving forward with fencing in the yard! We had a few companies come out and give us quotes, and after he was talking about it at work, Kalen and his coworkers are going to put up the fence, so we’re saving about $1500-$2000, which is a HUGE plus. We had the utilities marked, and tomorrow Kalen has to drop off the plans/request so it can be approved. I’m praying that they approve it and we can get it up and over with sooner rather than later.

In July, my Mom and Jack adopted a new cat. Meet my sister, Gracie!
She is super cuddly and very vocal about wanting those cuddles!

In July, I celebrated 9 years of dating Kalen. NINE FREAKING YEARS!!! It’s so hard to believe it’s been that long when it feels like just yesterday I met him for the first time.

On Saturday, I had a hair appointment (cut and color, because hello grays!), and actually got a real cut!



I’ve had people say it looks healthier, but my hair WAS healthy. I had been using Monat (it might work for some, but it destroyed my hair), and that’s when I lost my hair like that. So the ends were super thin, and it IS growing back in, but that means that long hair just wasn’t a cute look. It is still thin, as I said, but not scraggly looking, thankfully. Most importantly though: I can still put it back into a ponytail, albeit a small one. Anyway, I love it and it makes styling so much easier! I’ve been using LUS brand products to style, and they are best applied to wet hair so after I rake it in, I scrunch out the excess water, then plop with an old t-shirt, and after I do my makeup or whatever else, I will diffuse it. It’s wonderful.

Side note, it’s not lightened in color, but I had to use that filter so you could see the cut itself.

On that note, this curly girl is about to go to bed, but I will be posting with a budget update (I need to redo it and you know, stick to it this time) and some updates to our grocery shopping/meal planning soon, I promise! Things have been hectic with school and life in general though.

What is your favorite thing about summer? For me, it is the time spent with family, swimming and cooking out and sitting on the deck, talking into the night.

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