Snapshots of Life

Sometimes an absence can make things seem overwhelming. When I take a break from studying, like I did while we were in Germany, I came home and felt so far behind and pressured that I kind of ignored things for a little bit longer.
I have some unhealthy coping mechanisms.

I’m happy to say that I finally completed and submitted my performance assessment for my Healthcare Values & Ethics class, and passed upon my first submission! Now I just have to get through Macroeconomics and then Microeconomics, and this term will be complete! Now if only I could manage to get in more than four classes per term and finish sooner, things would be great….

I decided that, since I’ve been gone so long with no real updates, that I would just post some random pictures from various “big” events that happened between our return and now. I still plan on doing a post about Germany, but that will take some time.

Here we go!

I’m in a Facebook group for modest dress, and while I don’t wear skirts/dresses 100% of the time, and I DO wear shorts and tank tops, I have some modesty standards. Anyway, there was a challenge for June, so I managed 4 days haha.

There is technically one extra picture of Ellie, but in general I think I have more of Sirius because he tends to sit still more often than she does.

I am a HUGE fan of Anthony Bourdain, and the news of his suicide really hit hard. I had tweeted about it (original tweet HERE) and a friend of mine posted and asked if anyone had for the newscast. I said I did, and the next thing I know (after giving him the okay to share it) I’m being tagged in posts that I was on the news. I joked that I’d be signing autographs later, and no one asked for one. Hmph.

The beginning of June (this was the same day we heard the news of Anthony Bourdain too) saw a visit from family who live in Ireland. Okay, not technically family, but they’re family. Steve, Sarah, Brendan, Maeve (twins), and Saoirse, plus their foster daughter, were here for a week, then in Illinois for a week. So we naturally had to have a huge party! I miss them so much when they’re gone, and I’m really thinking that our next hashtag will be #DubricksinIreland because we’re starting to plan a trip there to visit. The group picture of us outside? Yeah, we were all crowded around my sister, who won her first HQ game (and got a big payout since it was during the NBA finals). It was a great time!

In June I also met a friend of mine from LiveJournal that I’ve known since 2004. Crazy!!!

June was both happy and sad. Meet Loki. Karen found him outside (with an all-black sibling) and noticed that he seemed sick. He warmed right up to her, and she took him to vet. He was about 1.5 pounds, and approximately 6 weeks old. With pneumonia. So, he was put on medicine, and she kept him in her bathroom (she even slept on the floor one night so he wouldn’t be lonely). He seemed to have a hard time getting better. She took him to the emergency vet last Saturday. Sunday she got a call saying she could go get him and he was looking better. She got there, and the vet who took that shift said he wanted to keep him there for another few hours, but let her go see him (she said he didn’t look better). About 15 minutes later she got a call – Loki had died. Even if he could have gotten over the pneumonia, they said they discovered he had a polyp and wouldn’t have been able to keep food down. In those two weeks, she was smitten. Hell, we all were to be honest. My only happy thought is that he knew a loving, warm home. Sweet boy.

We’ve spent copious amounts of time swimming at my Auntie’s house (I don’t remember if this was Memorial Day weekend or Father’s Day weekend, but I think it was Memorial Day).

My feelings on school. The first was taken Monday while waiting for my student mentor to call. The other two were taken on my break at work on Thursday while I was studying. Macroeconomics is not my jam.

My company also had a senior event at a nearby baseball stadium that was a huge success, and we saw some company changes take place (good and bad all in one). So, it has been an interesting month, and now it is over!

How has your summer been so far? Tell me in the comments below!

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