Back in the States

Remember how I was posting semi-regularly? Yeah, those were the days. I’d happily blame our two week vacation to Germany, but we’ve been back for almost a month now. The reality is that sometimes, life is just busy. During those times, posting took a backseat.

Actually, more than a backseat. It was more like the forgotten bottle of water that rolled under the seat.

Anyway, we’re back! And I’m back! And the trip was amazing!!!

Seriously, it was so much fun, and I’ll make a huge post about it on a different day.

I’m not going to do a big post today either, but you know – I thought you should know that I’m still alive, and did not, in fact, flee to Germany to stay for the rest of my life.

I’ll have some budget updates for you all too, and more meal plans, so stay tuned!!!

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