Are you there, Spring? It’s me, Amber.

I am exceptionally terrible at sticking to any type of blogging schedule. You’ve noticed, I’m sure.

Before I dive in, I’ll post last week’s meals, and this week’s meals, because I know that’s why you’re here.

April 2nd: Parmesan pork chops and roasted asparagus with salads. These came from this book (heads up, this is an affiliate link!).
April 3rd: I had fasting labs so we ended up snagging some prime rib tacos from Woodfire. So good.
April 4th: Parmesan and pork rind green beans, buttery garlic chicken, and salad. Also from the same cookbook linked earlier.
April 5th: Mississippi pot roast, roasted radishes, and blistered green beans (first two recipes from that same book – it’s a keeper!).
April 6th: We went to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend for her birthday to House of Kobe. Her birthday is the 14th, but my father-in-law and his wife (stepmother-in-law?) will be coming to see us on the 14th, so we celebrated early).
April 7th: We got Thai food from a local place after going grocery shopping.
April 8th: Tonight we’re making some garlic Parmesan chicken wings, baked zucchini sticks, and “fried” green beans. First two recipes are, once again, from that cookbook! Seriously, even if you’re not eating Keto, you need this in your life.
April 9th: Jalapeno cheddar burgers (no bun), Parmesan carrot fries, and fried radishes.
April 10th: Chicken thighs (recipe coming soon!), asparagus, and broccoli/salad.
April 11th: Tacos (beef on corn tortillas), yellow rice, and refried beans. We had taken out some beef for a recipe the other day and didn’t make it so we cooked the meat and froze it. I might actually just turn this into giant taco salads, at least for me – I’m kind of loving the lack of carbs in my diet (my blood sugar is not – hellooooo plunging numbers on occasion!).
April 12th: Baked garlic and paprika chicken legs (there’s that cookbook again!), zucchini, and salad.
April 13th: Dinner at my Mom’s for Ashley’s birthday (chop suey I think).
April 14th: The in-laws arrive, so we’ll be going out! Not sure where yet – guests get to pick!
April 15th: Up in the air. I don’t know if we’ll cook at home, or what is going on.

Okay so, life is life, ya know? I’m behind on my school readings (but getting ahead – life just keeps happening), I’m behind on my to-do list in preparation for our guests, and I am behind on my weight loss (as in nothing has happened – oops!). But otherwise, things are going great!

I’m still dealing with the animosity from a co-worker, and it might not bother me so much if I wasn’t so sure that she was saying things behind my back (not truthful things either) about my work ethic. It really bothers me, when I know it shouldn’t (my work speaks for itself), but it’s frustrating to know that someone will lie about you just because they dislike you for some reason (truly do not know why either). It is also frustrating because there is a new venture our company is taking on, and I’m excited about it and would like to do more for that side of things, but I have a feeling that she’s spoken so ill of me (and people who are not there a full 40 hours seem to love her) that it won’t happen.

Home-wise, Kalen and I are getting a lot more done around the house. We finally painted some areas of the wall we had to touch up, we cleaned the garage out, and he changed the dryer vent tubing today (it was HORRIBLE and we’re incredibly blessed that a fire did not start).

The Easter decorations have been packed away until next year, and our regular decorations are put back out. I also organized our pantry (I may have mentioned this already).

The first picture has our coffee, some candy canes in the blue bin, and then chips, nuts, pretzels, and pork rinds on the top shelf, and granola bars, fruit snacks, , and crackers on the bottom shelf. The second picture has all of our baking items on the top shelf, an don the bottom we have miscellaneous things like dressing, oils, cans of tuna, and sauces. The third picture has our rice (in the bigger jars we have brown and white), mixes, and pastas on the top shelf, and the bottom is all of the canned goods that are up here. The rest of the stuff is downstairs in the basement.

Kalen’s stepmom is allergic to cats, so before they arrive, I’ll be going and doing a major dusting in their room, washing all the bedding (although we bought new sheets), and of course vacuuming, then keeping the door shut for the duration of their stay. I have some shelves that need to be hung in that room too, and we need to move our drying rack out of there and into the office.

WE also have some pictures to re-frame and hang again, and more to actually frame and hang (may or may not be done before they visit). I’d like to print some wedding pictures (you know, 4 years later…) and frame them and put them out…because you know – we kinda like each other. But only a little bit.

My birthday also happened, and I’m officially 33. Yikes! But, it was a blasty blast, if you will. On my actual birthday, we went to dinner at my Mom’s house (tacos!) and my gifts were cash for a new toilet, and things FOR the toilet…haha! Isn’t it fun being older? The day after, we went to dinner with Ashley and Eric, and the turds paid for us, so that’s why we had Thai food – it was my replacement birthday dinner from Kalen! It was great though, and then of course, Sunday was Easter, so that was a busy day!

This weekend was more relaxing, but still busy. One of these day we’ll get to relax! This week I’d like to finish this class I’m doing, get the house finished and ready, and MAYBE actually crochet something or make some jewelry!

What is a typical weekend like for you? Busy? Relaxing? Let me know in the comments below!

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