Slow and Steady and Shot Up with Steroids

Kalen and I have been slowly but surely accomplishing things around the house that we have either put off due to cost/laziness or that we put off because it wasn’t as important as other things. The past few weeks/weekends have been busy for each of us!

Sirius cramming himself on the top of our bed. Ellie perched on an empty box in the basement while we do stuff. What Ellie was watching us do. Is it pretty? No. Is it functional? Yes. I’m excited to get back to making things for Fabulous, Darling!

Last weekend, Kalen had to work on Saturday, so I spent the day at home doing chores. I dusted, vacuumed, did laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, and straightened up in general. Then I went to dinner at my Mom and Jack’s house for corned beef and cabbage, and Kalen met us there. When we got home, we both basically just fell right asleep haha.

Sunday we did our weekly grocery shopping, I made us breakfast (and now I don’t even remember what we had!), and just relaxed at home, which is always enjoyable. Kalen made the sous vide pork, and we had rice and salad on the side. It was really good too!

Let’s do a quick meal plan – a recap and what is coming up!
March 19th: Enchilada meatballs and layered cheese enchiladas with a salad
March 20th: Middle Eastern-inspired chicken thighs with brown rice and a salad
March 21st: Keto Crack Chicken in the pressure cooker (or an Instant Pot, since it’s the same thing and IP is the brand name….) mixed with some whole grain pasta, and garlic Parmesan zucchini on the side.
March 22nd: Bacon, cream cheese, cheddar chicken, rice pilaf, and I had some creamy garlic mushrooms (I’ll post my recipe soon!) and Kalen had salad.
March 23rd: We bought some Irish-style bangers, which I discovered I’m not fond of and I had a frozen chicken kiev while Kalen at the bangers, made some mashed potatoes (I always add some cream cheese to mine), and carrots on the side.
March 24th: Kalen wanted to go out for pizza. Original plan was to have brats with rice pilaf and broccoli/salad, but we went here instead. So good. He got The Joker, I got Choke and Shroom, and we shared some Stoner Bites.
March 25th: Making some cheesy fajita chicken, and probably some yellow rice and/or refried beans. We’ll use some corn tortillas for the fajitas.
March 26th: Low carb taco bake with broccoli/salad.
March 27th: Jalapeno popper chicken casserole with some cheesy quinoa (I will post how I make my quinoa too!), and salad.
March 28th: Jalapeno cheddar burgers with the homemade mac and cheese I shared a few weeks ago (where you boil it in milk), and zucchini.
March 29th: Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole with either leftover sides (if any) or brown rice, and salad.
March 30th: Mexican fiesta at my Mom’s for my 33rd birthday! Happy Birthday to me!!!! And a cake from Dairy Queen. 😉
March 31st: Dinner out with Kalen for my birthday – still deciding where to go! Depending on where we go, we might end up going during the week and moving something to today, but we’ll see.
April 1st: Easter Sunday which means dinner with Kalen’s family followed by dinner with my family. His tends to do ham and fresh Polish sausage (his mom is bringing that) and mine does a roasted leg of lamb. I eat at my family’s gathering, and he at his. Lamb is delicious! He disagrees…hahaha!!!

So, weekly happenings? Monday I had a call with my student mentor – I’m really trying to decide what to do when I finish this degree, if I do anything that is. So it was an extra long call. Tuesday I had my first appointment with an orthopedic surgeon regarding my right hand (yay, carpal tunnel!). After getting an x-ray done, she decided to give me a steroid shot into my hand/wrist (with the use of an ultrasound) and gave me instructions to follow up in a month if it is not improved. So far we’re good though, and hopefully it stays this way, because it is no longer waking me up at night, and I can write and you know, function.
The arrow is pointing to the tiniest, cutest little bruise ever from where the needle went in, and the other area is a weird bump I have there, that was there prior to the injection.

Kalen’s dad and step mom are going to be coming to visit soon, so I’m trying to work in time to get stuff together and ready, like cleaning, making sure the bed linens are cleaned (she is allergic to cats, so when they’re cleaned, I’ll be shutting off the guest room to the cats), finishing decorating (we have shelves to hang, and some wall art to hang in there), finish hanging stuff in our room (so they see a completed look, if you will), and just in general straightening and organizing the house (not that it’s terrible now – unless you count the basement). We also need to finish up the office. I believe everything is in there, but it’s still in boxes. I’m hoping though, that since the items are really just drawers filled with school supplies (pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.) and not really “loose” stuff, that unpacking it will be easier. There are also the two boxes of cookbooks/recipe binders that need to be unpacked. We put the shelf unit in there that we’d used to hold those books, so they’re going back there. Ideally such items would be in the kitchen, but there isn’t really room or a good place to make room.

Kalen gave me my birthday gift last night – I have been wanting this before I even knew what it was! Lodge had announced they were starting their Legacy Series, and so I was immediately saying “I NEED THIS!” without knowing the item. It was the Fluted Cake Pan, and then I really needed it! So, enter birthday gift!!!
Isn’t it beautiful!?

I also got this book that I ordered, and I’m excited to make stuff from it.

Okay, now it is time to go curl up under the cover because I’m freezing!
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