Him? Me? How?


Something I’m asked quite often (and sometimes it is not in a nice way) is “How do you and Kalen work?” and “How did you end up with him?” because for those who know us, we’re rather different from each other.

I wouldn’t say I’m a social butterfly, but in comparison to him, I am! He’s shy and quite, very reserved about things such as money (which is honestly why we have any of it – I’m a spender), and he’s this super smart tech nerd. I listen to loud music, and he listens to history podcasts. I like to crochet and he likes to build computers. He’s a morning person, and I am 100% a night owl.


If you met us, and didn’t know either of us were married for almost 4 years and together for almost 9, you would not think we were together. I dated guys that I thought I had more in common with, and honestly when I met Kalen I was hooked but afraid that since we seemed so different, we wouldn’t work out. I mean, I had so much in common with Random Guy(s) and that didn’t work, so how could this?

But it does. We have a lot of things in common, we support each other’s dreams and goals, we support each other in general (he proved that when I decided that I wanted to quit nursing school when I was so close to being finished, and I showed him that when he wanted to go back to school too). We talk over big decisions with each other (new jobs, buying a house, change of major), and we don’t make a decision that is big without the other being on board. We respect each other. We don’t try to change each other into someone “better.” We work together as a couple. We cook together, clean together, and make plans together. We’re building a life together.

Quite frankly, my husband is my best friend, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We complement each other with our different personalities. We’re not necessarily on the same path, which would be boring, but we’re definitely on the same journey. We’re going through this life together, even if his steps are more carefully placed and thought out than mine are.

And I love every magical second of it.

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