Meal Plan

Still not the post I promised with any real sort of updates, because honestly? I’m busy. BUT…here is what I’ve been eating lately!

I’m sure some of you read these plans and think “OH MY GOODNESS! THEY EAT LIKE CRAP!” or, like my Mom always says when I send her dinner pictures “You sure do use a lot of cheese, Amber!” I assure you though, that we’re generally eating really well. We fill up on vegetables. We don’t really use a ton of cheese (it just looks like it because we prefer it hand-grated to already shredded), and when we have any pasta, it is whole grain. Our rice is pretty much always brown too (we make exceptions – lemon rice soup with brown rice? NOPE!). I gave up drinking pop for Lent (and my plan is to not go back to it again), so I drink mainly water or sparkling water (not the Sparkling Ice kind – think La Croix type), one cup of coffee Monday through Friday, and usually one green tea per day. I make ice tea once in awhile and I use Stevia to sweeten. My breakfast during the week is 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 kiwi, and either 1/2 cup of blackberries or 2 clementines. I’ve been having strawberries at lunch, and my lunches are leftovers from the night before. I don’t really snack on chips or sweets (he doesn’t either), and our weekend breakfasts are where we splurge. We generally will have an English muffin topped with Kerrygold butter, some eggs (either fried, scrambled, or as an omelet), and bacon. Or, I might make up some biscuits with sausage gravy. I will happily snack on mini peppers, pepper sticks, cucumber slices, celery sticks, or cherry tomatoes.

So, we eat pretty healthy foods.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program…..

Meal Plan!
February 18th: Our meal plan was shifted, and we had ground beef fried rice on the 17th, so today’s dinner was meant for the 17th, and it was Caprese chicken thighs with garlic rosemary focaccia and a salad.
February 19th: Tonight was tacos, leftover refried bean casserole, and yellow rice.
February 20th: Meal plan shift popping up again! Previously meant for the 18th, we had the chili cheese dog tater tot casserole thingy and some blistered fresh green beans.
February 21st: Boiled up some cheese tortellina, mixed with with frozen meatballs, topped with sauce and slices of provolone, and baked! I had broccoli, he had salad.
February 22nd: I went out with my best friend for Mexican food to celebrate not only her graduation from nursing school, but that she passed her boards! She’s officially an RN! Woo!!!
February 23rd: We ordered from a local place – cheesy garlic bread, and Muffaletta sandwiches.
February 24th: Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Popper Casserole (we have made this SO MANY TIMES and I freaking love it!), zucchini (not sure how we’ll make ’em yet), and a salad (I might have broccoli).
February 25th: Drunken Beef Stew, and as my friend Cassie suggests, crusty bread for serving. I love her blog, don’t you?
February 26th: Italian Chicken Bake, salad.
February 27th: Cajun Hasselback Chicken, Garlic Noodles (I leave out the sugar), and salad/broccoli.
February 28th: Korean Beef, brown Basmati rice (from Aldi – so tasty!), and zucchini (salad if there aren’t any good zucchini to be found).
March 1st: Green Chile Chicken, yellow rice, salad
March 2nd: Crunchy Ranch Chicken Strips, THE BEST EVER Mac & Cheese, carrots
March 3rd: Not sure yet – we might have our uncle over to help us install new fans in the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and Kalen mentioned inviting his mom over as well, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll toss together a pasta bake of some sort, and make some homemade garlic bread, all with a big salad.
March 4th: Slow Cooker Chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Those really awesome pictures? Not mine! Check out Unsplash for some more awesome images!

Do you all enjoy these posts? Do they bore you? Are you as nosy as I am when it comes to what complete strangers on the Internet are eating?

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