Vet Trips and 60th Birthdays

Interesting title, right? I’m so clever.

Okay but really, life is boring in my little curve of the cul-de-sac right now. I’m busy with school and work, and there isn’t much else that’s worth writing much about.

I haven’t shared our meal plan for this week, because honestly, it got all screwed up! Monday we had a pasta bake thing, and my friend came over. Tuesday we had some bacon, cream cheese, and cheddar chicken that was slated for…Sunday I think, with carrots and zucchini. Tonight we had some chicken topped with enchilada sauce and pepper jack cheese, then baked, yellow rice, and zucchini. Tomorrow we’re going to have dinner at Karen’s house, and Friday we’re meeting Karen and my Mom out for dinner (they’re going to a craft/antique show thing). Saturday Kalen has a concert and I’m getting lunch with my sister and out friend (it’s our friend’s birthday today so we’re celebrating!). No idea what is going on on Sunday. So…nothing exciting because it seems to be constantly changing.

Saturday we had our yearly vet appointment. It was…well, it was the vet with two cats who are terrified of people that aren’t me or Kalen. They meowed pitifully the whole ride there, and while we waited. I didn’t get too many pictures of Sirius, because he was hopping between carriers and crying in protest. I was holding Ellie though, and got some grand pictures.

She actually climbed down the back of my hoodie to the point where I had to take it off so Kalen could pry her off of me. Thankfully her claws had just been clipped because she scratched up my chest, but did not break skin. Poor thing was terrified.
While she sought shelter in my clothing, Sirius preferred the carriers.

So that was Saturday morning. We came home and ate, then set to work. Kalen removed all the lights and decorations from outside the house, and I dusted everything in the house. I even dusted between the rungs of the chair backs! To be fair, he had his work cut out for him, because we decorated the front and back of the house. The snow was gone Saturday, but this was the front….

Then, after that was done, we headed to my aunt’s house for a game night and tacos. It was a lot of fun, as per usual, and the food was delicious. It was a good Saturday really!

Sunday, my sister and I went to visit my Dad. His 60th birthday would have been Saturday, so we went to the cemetery. In hindsight we should have brought something to clean the headstone a bit, but we didn’t. I told her we need to start going more and “decorating.” It’s hard to drive so far for 5 minutes in front of a headstone with a name, but I think we really should. So, we did that and then hit up a diner for some lemon rice soup. Mmmm.

Since my Dad died in 1999 (I was 14), I don’t have new pictures. I’m a kid in these. But, these are what I post year after year.

So anyway, that was my weekend! This week has been going by pretty slowly and I’m glad that tomorrow brings in a new month of 2018 because January has been dragging on like crazy!

Who else is excited for February? Let me know why in the comments!

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