Recent and Future Eats

It’s no secret that I enjoy food. I mean, there’s a reason I’m overweight, and it isn’t just because I take after my Dad’s side of the family.

I suck at keeping up with things, as you have certainly and without a doubt noticed if you’re a follower of mine here, BUT I don’t suck at food. I just don’t. I’m not tooting my own horn here, but I can cook. Baking is another story though, so you aren’t going to find a lot of pies or cookies or breads in my space (although I DO have a low-carb bread recipe I’ll be trying soon….much excite at BREAD!). But food? I’ll talk about that I have no shame in my love for food either, so you won’t find me apologizing that i enjoy cooking and eating. You just won’t. And you should not be apologizing either!

So anyway, let’s do a quick run-down of what I ate!
January 14th: We had brunch with my husband’s grandparents, and I took a nap when we got home…so I had beef ramen (I wasn’t feeling well) and Kalen had leftovers of some sort.
January 15th: beef pot pie made with puff pastry, and I had spinach while Kalen had salad.
January 16th: tangy beef with peas in the Crockpot over whole wheat pasta. No veggies – neither of us were super hungry.
January 17th: It was SUPPOSED to be what we ended up eating Thursday, but I was in the mood for an Italian beef so we ordered out. We don’t do that often, but I also wasn’t feeling 100% so I was afraid the meal we’d planned would disagree with me. Also, cheddar cheese cubes.
January 18th: spicy peanut Thai beef in the Crockpot with brown basmati rice (seriously, great purchase from Aldi!) and spinach/salad. When I say spinach, I’m talking about a low-carb cheesy creamed spinach). This was okay, but not very spicy and the peanut butter taste overpowered it. I might make it again, but I’d change up the measurements.
January 19th: I fancied up some Shake ‘n Bake with Parmesan cheese (I know, I’m a culinary genius), and we had that with some zucchini cooked with ghee, Aleppo pepper, cream cheese, and lemon juice, and some whole wheat linguini in a garlic Alfredo sauce. Nothing fancy. We were feeling lazy after a long week of snow being dumped on us.

January 20th: We had a late dinner of bean and cheese nachos on some organic tortilla chips from Aldi and some beef tacos on corn tortillas/cheese quesadillas. I got all fancy and put some shredded cheese between the two tortillas (not much, just enough to hold them together) and cooked them like you would corn tortillas. It’s delicious.
January 21st: Today we’re having some meatballs I found in a thread of comments on a blog long ago. We’ve since tweaked the recipe, but they’re homemade meatballs with a barbecue-type sauce on them, then baked. Not 100% barbecue, but close. We’re also having mashed potatoes, because we bought a bag for the pot pie, and a salad.
January 22nd: We’re making a ketofied version of chicken Lazone and serving it with a salad. The recipe calls for zoodles so yay!
January 23rd: Giant turkey meatball Parmesan, smoked mozzarella ravioli (frozen find at Aldi!) with pesto, and salad.
January 24th: crack chicken in the Crockpot (might serve on buns, might just eat, who knows yet), green beans (fresh, roasted with Parmesan), and carrots (just coo ked in some broth, “crisped” in butter, and then seasoned with some salt and that’s it!).
January 25th: Cracklin’ Chicken from NomNomPaleo, zucchini, and rice pilaf (I like to add lemon juice to it – so good!).
January 26th: a grain-free pork schnitzel (using almond flour), carrots, and broccoli for me while Kalen has a salad.
January 27th: We’re quite possibly having a game night at my Aunt’s house so I didn’t plan anything – if we have to eat dinner at home, we have freezer meals and a lot of stuff to choose from.
January 28th: bacon, cream cheese, and cheddar chicken, and broccoli/salad.

Whenever we cook, we always cook enough for 4 people, even though it’s just Kalen and me. Why? Simple – we take the leftovers for our lunches. I don’t think either of us are really fond of the idea of a daily sandwich for lunch, although we both do it on occasion (because I do love sandwiches!). We’re not really big bread eaters either. On weekends, we might toast up an English muffin to go with our eggs, or we might make biscuits and sausage gravy, but we don’t really eat bread much. With some stuff too, such as tonight’s meatballs, the recipe makes enough for us to have dinner and lunch, and we’ll freeze the rest for another dinner/maybe lunch. We do that a lot if we can, because it makes it so easy to be prepared. On Saturday, if we do have to eat at home, we have frozen meals like that, where we can pull it out and reheat it and voila! Dinner is served! We don’t really do the frozen pizza thing (Kalen will have one sometimes, but I don’t really), and we really do try to NOT eat out a lot. It’s expensive, and we have so much food at home (no really – we have a fridge in the house with a full freezer, we have a fridge in the garage, and we have an upright freezer in the garage, full of food – there is no need to eat out!). We will splurge occasionally, if we’re craving something specific (Italian beef sandwich anyone?), but we try to stick to our meal plan as best as we can.

I think that part of our “success” with making a meal plan and sticking to it isn’t even that we’ve purchased the ingredients necessary, but that we’re flexible. If we decide that we are in the mood for something, we might go out, and we’ll just shift the days forward. If we bought something specific for a recipe, and it looks like it might not last til then, we’ll switch stuff around. I mean, if my mom calls me and says “Hey, stop by Friday after work and we’ll have steaks for dinner!” I promise you, I’m not having pork schnitzel!

I also try to put items that might not create as much leftover at the end of the week. Sure, the schnitzel will be made from 4 pork chops, but with only vegetables, we could possibly both eat 2 for dinner, OR eat those for lunch on Saturday. Our tacos that we ate last night? The meat was frozen. It’s another weekend meal’s worth for the two of us, easily.

I feel like this got off on some sort of a flexibility with meal planning tangent just now, but that’s okay, right? Right.

ANYWAYS. So you know our lunch is always leftovers from the night before. What do we have for breakfast, you ask?

Eggs! At the beginning of the week, Kalen hard boils 2 dozen eggs using this awesome contraption (affiliate link!), and we each take 2 with us. The extras are used up for salads or whatever else (sometimes I will eat one when I get home because I’m hungry and dinner might take some time to be done). I also take 2 kiwi that Kalen peels and slices (he does that because after I was peeling them, I peeled off part of my finger tip and nail and I’m not to be trusted now lol), and 1/2 cup of blackberries or 2 of the cuties (side note, I buy produce at Aldi ALL THE TIME and it’s always delicious). Sometimes, if I remember, I’ll take a banana for an afternoon snack (I get killer leg cramps and they help, but if you have any other suggestions, please share!). Kalen has coffee in the morning, at home, and I take a to-go of cold brew with some non-dairy creamer and a little bit of stevia. Dairy in liquid forms doesn’t agree with either of us (although I can eat cheese without issue), so I personally just avoid it.

Our weekend breakfasts are usually cooked by me, though. I’m the Breakfast Queen, apparently. We typically will just have some fried eggs (over easy for me, and over hard for him) with an English muffin, and maybe bacon if it’s thawed, or sausage if it’s thawed. I’ll sometimes make us omelets (ham and cheese usually), or scrambled eggs. If we’re in the mood, we’ll cook some biscuits, and I’ll make some homemade sausage gravy. But we always, always have breakfast.

So anyway, that’s kind of our meal plan from last week (well, not plan so much as what we ate), and our upcoming plan. Plus my tangent on other topics.

Do you meal plan? Do you meal prep? That’s something we don’t do but I am in awe of those who do! Comment below and let me know, and feel free to share posts to meal prep, meal plans, and recipes you’ve tried and loved! And uh…if you have food photography tips…cuz as you can see, mine are not great.

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