Happy 2018!


I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already 2018! I feel like just yesterday, 2017 was starting. So much has happened since 2017 started, and while some may disagree, they’ve all been amazing.

Let’s recap, shall we?

I quit nursing school and began pursuing a degree in Business, focusing on Healthcare Management through an online program. I started working at a local hospital before leaving to go to a home health care agency, and it is such an amazing place to work, even on those days where you’re frustrated/irritated. Seriously, I love it. Kalen and I bought a house! We both love it immensely, and are so grateful that it was ours. Everything lined up to make it happen, and I’m still in total awe of it. We went to Florida for a family vacation, and had a total blast! It was so great to just float in the Gulf, spend time with family, and relax! So many other great things happened too, mainly in terms of just moving forward into actual adult-status (you know, now that we’re in our 30s….haha). OH! And Kalen, for Christmas, got me a new wedding set. My original had a story I used to love, then I learned more about it and I didn’t really like said story, not to mention it has a thin band and it needed to be sized, but I’m certain that it would have snapped if I’d done that, so I wanted a new one. I sent him various links to Black Friday sales, and didn’t actually expect him to get me any, because we’ve had to buy a lot of the house, plus we’re going to Germany, but he did! And I love it!!!

So what am I hoping 2018 brings?

Well, we’re going to Germany in the spring, and that’s going to be quite the adventure! Starting tomorrow (eek!), I’m going to join Kalen after work to work out. His company has an on-site gym, and he’d been working out on his lunches. But, last year after some lab results came back bad (my medications were packed and I had no idea where so I wasn’t taking any…I KNOW), my doctor scolded me and rightfully so. He basically said if I don’t get my act together, I’d end up dead sooner rather than later. So, I decided that I’m going to start working out. Kalen and I try to eat relatively healthy as it is, so we’re going to be stricter with that. I’m hoping to cut down on eating out, and that means sticking to meal plans (which isn’t too hard, to be honest, but if someone suggests eating out, I tend to jump at the chance), and I’m going to start really tracking my food again. I’ve lost weight before – and each time it was mainly due to tracking and measuring and staying within limits. Restrictive, sure, but when you’re 32 and your doctor says “Hey, shape up or you’re dead!” you’re okay with restrictive. Or, at least I am.


So, tomorrow we start working out. I’m going to slowly start – otherwise I’ll be done sooner due to burnout haha. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I plan on doing cardio at the gym, and possibly weights. Tuesday and Thursday at home I’d like to use my kettle bells, and then Saturday I may do kettle bells, or I may try to do yoga. Same with Sunday and yoga. Meal planning is already underway, and I’m going to share them here (hopefully I’ll be consistent).

Other 2018 hopes are to get pregnant! We’d love to start a family, ideally after Germany. I’ll keep moving forward with school, and I’d like to get more done this coming year than I did in the last two terms (currently struggling through a class on spreadsheets because I know I won’t use everything they’re teaching). I’m also hoping to unpack the house (hahaha), hang some stuff up finally, and just feel completely settled in. My craft area isn’t set up so I haven’t had the chance to make anything new for my Etsy shop and that kinda sucks. I like to create things so not being able to feel stifling. So, there’s another goal. And of course, this is certainly just a life goal in general, but spending more time with my Bible and in prayer.

So, who wants to see the menu?
January 7th: turkey meatballs and lemony rice, salad (we bought two big things of the spring mix from Costco for $2 each so we’re having lots of salad)
January 8th: baked lasagna ravioli, salad
January 9th: pork chops (shake ‘n bake style), green beans (canned from our garden), and salad
January 10th: creamy Crockpot chicken tacos with corn tortillas, yellow rice, salad
January 11th: tandoori chicken, brown basmati rice, salad
January 12th: creamy Crockpot chicken and rice, salad
January 13th: my friend is having her graduation party this day (I’m making my “famous” pasta salad lol), so I’m not sure what dinner will be like – plus a friend might come over that night so…who knows!

Anyway, that’s about all I have for right now! Time to go get some steps in – my FitBit is yelling at me. 😉


Tell me what goals you have for this year!
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