Why I Stopped Posting

Well, that was a bit of an unexpected break I took! Truly, it wasn’t planned. Honest.

I had these grand plans of posting regularly after I quit nursing school to keep everyone updated as to what was going on in my life after such a huge change.
Except I didn’t. Oops?

Truly there was no real reason for my absence at first. I got into the school with the program that captured my interest, but had to wait until March 1st to begin my term (and how crazy that the term will end August 31st!). And so in that time, I did a whole lot of nothing.

No, really, nothing. I did not do any of the grand things I’d planned to do. There was no real reason for that, either, it was just what happened. My days were spent playing online, reading books, watching tv shows, and sleeping. I spent time with my cousin a lot, and in March became a Younique presenter again.

And then in April, I started a job. SAY WHAT!? I’m a patient registrar at a local hospital. I’ve been healthier, but have missed 5 days. FIVE FREAKING DAYS. That’s not good; I know that’s not good. I hate missing, and I hate being sick…one of these days I’ll be 100% healthy again.

I have work now, 40+ hours a week (we’re a bit short-staffed right now), school (working through my last required class for the term, and hoping to finish at least one more), and working on closing a deal on a house.

Another change! We made an offer on a house! Pending appraisal, inspection, and our request for repairs (the result of the said inspection), we close August 18th. We’ve found a couch and dining room table we both like, have ideas of how the house will look when we decorate, and now it’s a waiting game to see if the seller will accommodate our requests. They’re not little things (example, the wiring is funky, and there are parts of the roof that need to be repaired or there will be water damage, and there’s a pipe that is smaller than the pipes it is connected to and could burst at any given moment in time), so if the sellers do not say they will repair them, we will have to back out of the deal, as per the deal/contract we’d signed. I’m praying they agree to them, because I love the idea of this house being mine. The area, the house itself…I love it all. If not, we’ll get back to looking, but still.

So now I’m working, and I’m in school, and I’m packing. It’s been busy!

I also discovered that those so-called great friends I made in nursing school? Yeah, they’ve turned out to not be friends, at all. I haven’t heard from a single one of them since March and only one actually took the time to wish me a happy birthday. Not that a wish makes a friendship, but I was told time and time again that they were simply too busy during the semester for friends (oh, okay). The semester ended in May. I told myself I wasn’t going to reach out – I had done so and been ignored enough. Guess who I haven’t heard from? That’s right, those awesome friends! I deleted their numbers from my phone.

Otherwise, that’s all that’s going on, at least a shortened version. I hope to post some pictures of the house when it’s ours…pray that things go well for us! blog siggy

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