Whoa! June Already!?


I can’t believe it has been over two months since I’ve last updated here! Wowzers! I’m so terrible at being consistent with updating, but I blame school for that!

The spring 2016 semester ended well, and I passed all my classes. I am so glad that in 2012 I prayed and prayed about it when I was unable to find a new job, and took the plunge and enrolled in a local community college to knock out my prerequisites classes (English, Microbiology, Algebra, etc.), because this has been the best decision I’ve made, other than marrying Kalen of course.

I took a summer course – that actually ends on Thursday next week! I decided to take my statistics course as a Maymester to get it out of the way prior to the fall. I figured I had put it off for long enough, and I do NOT want to take it with Adult 1 in the fall! I also didn’t want to take it from June to August because that is the real part of summer. I can handle doing it in 4 weeks during May and the beginning of June – it isn’t warm enough here yet to enjoy swimming all the time, and so far it hasn’t been bad at all. Four people I know were taking this class, and I met a new friend through this class – the six of us are all in the nursing program too!

The above picture on the left was so I could show how my makeup held up – the left side of it was 7:30am, and the right was 8:00pm and my makeup still looked freshly applied! I got so many compliments that day, and have had a few people even remark on how it looked after the fact, because they remembered. The right picture was when I received my Bonbons – Younique’s new tinted lip balm! I LOVE those! It’s such an easy way to add color without worrying about it being 100% perfect like you’d have to do with lipstick or gloss or even a stain. Plus they’re so moisturizing! I’m sold! You can check it out HERE if you are interested in Younique products! If you have questions or need help color matching, let me know! Also, I just realized I’m wearing the same shirt in those pictures, but they were both different days….haha!


This is our current monthly Kudos, and can I tell you how excited I am!? Because I got SUPER giddy and excited!!!! I snatched this bundle up immediately, because if I were to buy all four of those items, I’d be spending $139. Saving $40? Sign me up! If you want flawless skin, this is for you! Seriously though, this company/makeup has changed my life, for the better, so I want to share the love with everyone I meet!

Okay, enough gushing about makeup…haha!! I recently quit my job that I had at the school. I have had health problems for what feels like my entire life (okay, not really that long….), and I was consistently calling off because I was sick. I called off three of my four scheduled days, and realized that I was doing nothing but letting my coworkers and boss down, so I felt it best if I quit. I miss my job already, and my coworkers, but I did what was in my best interest, and really, in their best interest as well.

Life in general is honestly really awesome right now. Kalen and I are still saving for a future home, the cats are wonderful, and I have way too much fun with Snapchat filters.

I’m excited for the real summer weather to kick in, so I can spend my days in the pool, in the garden, and enjoying the sunshine! I plan to do some super cleaning this summer too, weed through my clothing even more than I have already, packing up certain items (my owl collection for one, because I don’t want to have to keep dusting them all!), and of course making items for the Etsy shop so I can be fully stocked come fall/winter. I have a lot of new items I need to put together and list, and I want to crochet more items to list too. Lots of summer plans, y’all! I cannot wait!

I’m also going to be getting back in the swing of working out and dieting. I need to consistently use my workout bike, and I used an Amazon card I received for my birthday this year to buy resistance bands (the kind that loop), and some sliders for carpet/wood floors, so I need to work those into a routine as well. Now that it’s almost summer it will be easier to eat fresh produce, especially when our gardens start producing lots of yummy goodies.

And on that note, I think I should head to bed! I have some lab work in the morning (just my normal labs that I have every three months to monitor my A1C), and so I’ll be a real beast if I don’t get enough sleep hahaha!!!

Also, please pray for me. I had an abnormal test result and have to go for further testing to see what the cause was. That appointment is June 10, so if you could pray that it was just a fluke, or that it is nothing serious, I would so appreciate it!

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