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Some working ahead and my house smells great as it is cooking! This is a Back to Her Roots (one of my favorite bloggers) recipe, Slow Cooker Cheeseburger Potato Soup.

I’m a fan of freezer cooking, and of slow cooker meals. So when I’m menu planning, I tend to gravitate toward those (in the summer I’m all about grilling though). I also like to do casseroles, but those tend to be a bit heavy on the Weight Watchers Points Plus values.

So whenever I find a recipe that sounds delicious, I think if it will be low in points, or if it’s high in points, is it high because it’s full of healthy ingredients. When I saw the recipe I linked above posted, I went out and immediately bought the ingredients for it, and put it together last night while Kalen and I were making dinner (which was quick – chicken sausage in two different flavors, a box of chicken rice, and dill carrots). It was super easy too (you can read all the details in Cassie’s post), and while I maybe used more garlic (she used 3….I used 7 lol), I stuck to the recipe. I used 93/7 ground beef, and light sour cream; her recipe doesn’t specify, but that was what I bought, and I used 3 medium potatoes and 2 small (what I had on hand). With what I used, this comes to 11 Points Plus per serving. Not bad! Kalen’s going to pick up some bread tonight to serve with it, and I am DYING to eat it!

Because seriously, my house smells amazing right now. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

So make it if you get a chance. And then thank me. And then thank Cassie for being awesome.

Today, because I’m absolutely DISGUSTED with my weight and weight gain, I decided to have a nice healthy lunch. My plan was to eat half of what I made today, and the other half tomorrow. But then I thought that my coworkers might kill me if I reheated salmon at work, and I wanted to take some soup, so I ate it all. It was high in points, but it was healthy. So, I’m cool with it.


Salmon, cooked in 2 teaspoons of olive oil and coated in Sunny Paris seasoning from Penzey’s

(kind of expensive, but worth the price). Then I peeled and cut up a sweet potato, boiled it, and mashed it up with butter and milk. I used more butter than I tracked (I’m stupid), so it was a 24 Points Plus lunch. Now, had I taken half tomorrow, I’d have had a 12 point lunch. But, salmon is high in points but good for you. Same with sweet potatoes. So I’m okay with it. Next time though, less butter! I also had an apple (honeycrisp, mmmm), and my breakfast was some leftover rice from last night. I had planned on oatmeal (1/2 cup of oats, 1 tsp of butter, 1 tsp of cinnamon, and 1 tbsp of brown sugar) but took my insulin and my pills, then was busy refilling my pill container and at that point I HAD to eat, and making something like oatmeal wasn’t an option, so I nuked the rice. It was 7 PP, and the oatmeal weighs in at 6 PP, so not a huge difference. I do vary the brown sugar, depending on my mood, but I love the flavor it adds. Sometimes I’ll use Splenda too, if I want to save that 1 PP. On deck for the rest of the day is a banana, and some baby carrots, plus dinner.

As a way to really be dedicated to losing weight and Weight Watchers, I decided not to refill my M&M supply, and instead bought some of the Weight Watchers 2 Point mini bars. They came today, and I busted into the Toasted Coconut Dream and Chock Full O’ Chocolate. Both were SO good, and flavors I haven’t tried yet. The rest I have tried before, and repurchased.


The others have been favorites of mine, and so I repurchased, and the Chocolate Caramel bars are good (but I did not buy those again). Kalen liked the Peanut Butter Cookie Explosion, but I’m eh about that, and we have a done of Dulce de Leche that are no longer available. I’m sick of those. hahaha.

I’ve been doing well with eating more produce. We have kiwis, carrots, celery, clementines, apples, grapefruit, tomatoes, and soon we’ll have avocados and I plan to pick up some spinach for scrambled eggs and sandwiches. I need to make up a fresh batch of hummus (I just use a can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed well, garlic cloves, usually about 3-4 of them, some salt but not much because I’m dealing with crazy swelling, and olive oil til it’s smooth, but still a bit chunky) and figure out the PP value of that, and I have string cheese (not the light, I cannot do that), some Babybel cheese, Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges (they’re the regular, not the light because Costco didn’t have the light in stock) that I mix into my scrambled eggs, and honestly I’m thinking they would be good mixed into mashed potatoes or a homemade macaroni and cheese…I’ll have to work on a recipe! I also have turkey breast lunch meat, as well as ham (Krakus ham, because it is the best!), and some of the ultra thin Sargento slices (in Swiss and Sharp Cheddar). We have cans of tuna, and just tons of other healthy options to eat.

I had been getting fast food frequently, using my debit card so Kalen wouldn’t know (I KNOW GUYS, I KNOW), so to get rid of that temptation, I took my card out of my wallet. Now I just have our Discover card, and I don’t use that for food, because there’s no way to hide it. Shameful, but true. I’ve been drinking far more water recently, and making sure to take my medications regularly (I will easily forget). I started doing squats and various kettle bell workouts (love both), and will eventually work in some cardio. Honestly, right now, I’m so out of shape that cardio damn near kills me.

Tomorrow’s dinner will be pretty low point too – 5 PP dill mashed potatoes (I will link to the recipe and explain what I did differently), and some freezer-to-slow cooker Salisbury steak (I will share this recipe – it’s a favorite!), plus a veggie (I told Kalen to pick up stuff for salad, or green beans, because we’re out of both. Oatmeal for breakfast (will actually make a double batch tonight so I can just reheat it tomorrow and Friday), and then lunch will be leftover soup.

It feels great to feel in control right now. I am going to conquer my health. I am going to lose weight. When I’m a nurse, my patients aren’t going to listen to me advise them on their health if I’m roughly the size of a killer whale.

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