It’s November Already?


I cannot believe it is November already! It seems like the time is going by just way too fast for me, but at the same time I love it because it puts me one step closer to finishing the semester, which means I’m that much closer to graduation. Woo hoo!!!

1333667365084_4443773This is my life. Sigh.

School is still going well, I suppose. I’m struggling in one of my classes, and cannot figure out why I’m not doing well though. I’m studying my butt off for the class, and I seem to be missing just that one piece that would really tie it all together, and it sucks. I’m meeting with the professor tomorrow after lecture to see what else I can be doing. I’m taking notes and reading over the chapters (although not too intricately as that isn’t what he utilizes), reading the slides multiple times and making flashcards on them, and I utilize the study guides he provides us. So hopefully he can give me some sort of solution for all of this (short of just letting me use notes….haha). I’m doing well in my other class though. We’re almost done with the lab portion too. We have a 10 minute assessment next week, then the following week we’re going over our final assessment and the week after I think we’re doing another practice of the final assessment, and I believe having a potluck in the class, and then 11/30 and 12/7 we’re having our assessments (we make appointments). Then my other classes have their finals 12/14 and 12/16, and then I’m done until 1/11/16. Woo! And I have another pharm test (the hard class) on 11/18, so that should be a hoot and a holler. My friend is going to help me study (she’s a semester ahead of me), and I am so so so thankful for that! She’s been an amazing friend to me throughout this whole nursing school process. God truly blessed me when he kindled that friendship for sure!

I started crocheting and making jewelry in anticipation of Christmas coming up. I just ordered some new charms (DNA double helix charms, EKG lines, alphabet charms, wolf heads like House Stark…because Winter is Coming, and I got some cool painted wooden buttons for cowls), make a ton of necklaces that I posted to my shop, and I’ve been working on a new cowl pattern in a really pretty green yarn that I’ll be sure to post when finished. For now you can check out what I do have posted by going HERE and checking out the listing. I do take requests too, so if you have an idea in mind and don’t see it, shoot me a message! [end shameless plug]

Anyway, I’ve been really lacking in the healthy eating category of life. I have been doing terrible, and have been gaining weight again, which is not good. I tried to put on my boots the other day, and they wouldn’t zip. Part is due to swelling, but the majority is due to weight gain. So, today I did a ton of kettle bell exercises (LOVE MY KETTLE BELL) and a ton of squats. I also did some jumping jacks, but I really hate those so that didn’t last long. Oops. But hey, kettle bells and squats! I need to be more strict about cutting out the fast food. I’m hitting up McDonald’s way too often for breakfast food before work, and it needs to stop. I have granola bars, frozen waffles, eggs, English muffins (plain and cranberry), and frozen breakfast sandwiches (I save those for 8am mornings though). I can also buy yogurt (I love yogurt), and I have fruits, veggies, and cottage cheese (all excellent breakfast options in my eyes). I’ve also seen people eat apples with cottage cheese that is sprinkled with cinnamon. I’ve always put cut up tomatoes in mine but I’m willing to try an alternative. I have oatmeal too, and I loooove oatmeal!  For lunches I need to start packing more fruits and veggies than I do, stick to a simple sandwich, and not take any chips or crap. I prefer to take some pretzels, a Laughing Cow cheese wedge for the pretzels, or a string cheese if not those two items, a sandwich of some sort (meaning no more Uncrustables, although delicious), and maybe some Annie’s Bunnies (I have two boxes of individual bags from Costco). I also snack on almonds frequently. But the fast food is what is killing me, and not enough produce. Plus all the other bad crap I’ll happily shovel in when I feel like it. It’s gotten out of hand though, and I need to lose weight.

Luckily, I have a fridge full of healthy foods, and no real tempting snacks around. I’m not a big chip eater, so the chips in the house don’t tempt me one bit, and I’m not really a huge sweet eater. I like them, but if I overindulge it’s out of boredom, not craving. I have a bag of trail mix though (I know it’s not that healthy, but it’s not as terrible as some snacks could be), a huge bag of pistachios (thanks, Costco!), a variety of almonds, KIND granola bars, and Nature Valley granola bars (great for on-the-go for me), and a variety of cheeses to snack on (I don’t overdo it). So, I just have to stay away from fast food, and eat more of the yummy produce in the house (kiwi fruit, clementines, apples straight from the orchard, cherry tomatoes, and carrots currently), and I’ll be good to go. I really don’t eat badly (you know, except fast food, which I freaking hide from my husband), but I tend to eat too much, so I have been measuring out my portions.

Anyway, enough chatter about weight and weight loss. This blog isn’t to be focused solely on that. I want it to be a variety of things – my life, nursing school, weight loss, crafty things, writing, etc. – so I don’t want to prattle on too much or too often about one such topic. If you guys want to see more about weight loss, let me know! If I feel like it’s becoming more and more a part of my life, I’ll be including it more regardless, but right now it’s in the beginning stages, and I know that can be boring at times.

I should probably go torture my poor thumb some more and take notes for class tomorrow. Goody.

I hope you guys had a wonderful October and Halloween! It was really rainy here, but I had fun at my Mom’s house! Here are some pictures. 🙂

12193883_10106371152431319_2632363374797493220_n I loved my eye makeup and my hair. I wish that were my real hair. 😦

12187799_10207900529179248_4864681034856815564_nEnjoying a glass of New Glarus Raspberry Ale. That stuff is so good.

 12187744_10207900659702511_5703100729570868266_nJack wanted a picture of himself with Ashley and I. She was a mime.

12108838_10106375263078549_8434299689874555281_nAnd, my fall jamicure! You can get Jamberry wraps and other products HERE

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