Oh October, You Saucy Little Minx


It’s no secret that fall is my absolute favorite season, and that October is my favorite month. The leaves changing, the crispness that is in the air, the crunching of fallen leaves – I adore it all. Plus, Halloween. I love Halloween. It doesn’t matter if I’m dressing up, or just passing out candy to neighborhood kids – it’s my favorite.

I’m a March baby, and I’m excruciatingly jealous of all October babies. I always wanted a Halloween-themed birthday party. Instead I got…Easter? haha. True story: My 1st and 11th birthdays fell on Easter.

But now, October is here, fall is in full force, and I’m loving it. My campus looks beautiful, with all the colorful leaves, and I love bundling up in a hoodie or a sweater. Plus, it means that I get to snuggle up to the husband at night under the covers. When it’s hot, I won’t let him touch me because he’s like a human heater, and I’m already always warm enough as it is. But when the cooler weather hits, I welcome his heating abilities. We keep our windows open, even in the winter, so it can get cold in the room – perfect snuggle weather!

Another reason I love fall is that I love darker colors. I still wear the vampy polish or lipstick in the summer, but it’s more socially acceptable in the fall. It means I can wear my beloved black tops (or other dark shades), and not sweat to death under the sun’s rays. It means I can wear cute leather boots, drink pumpkin spice lattes (yes, I’m one of those girls, and I’m proud of it!), and enjoy the fall decor. My mother-in-law actually decorates the house for Halloween the first of September (or first weekend, depending on her work schedule). It means the garden is over, the pool is closed, and everything looks so much prettier. Our house is in the country, and the trees are absolutely breathtaking out there.

A nursing school reason to love October? I have two! It means the 8 week classes are over (I just took a final for one of them today), and it means we’re closer to the semester being over, and I can breathe easier.

October (or fall in general) also brings about the onslaught of the crochet season and all I need to accomplish for the holidays. Crocheting is one of the things I enjoy most in life, so that part thrills me to no end. I know some view it as “work” but to me, it’s relaxing. Except when a pattern doesn’t work up correctly, or the yarn is all knotted. Then it’s death to crochet.

Anyway, that’s really all. I just wanted to gush about my love for October and fall. 🙂

What is your favorite season/month, and why?

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