A Much-Delayed Update


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything here. It isn’t that I don’t want to be writing here – quite the contrary. Unfortunately, school and work have consumed my time to the point where I’m writing this and thinking “Crap, I should be studying instead!” My hands needed a break from writing out flashcards though, so a post you shall receive!


School is going well enough. I did poorly on a quiz in my Essential Pharmacotherapeutics class (the school recommends Firefox as your browser, so I used that – I had answers say they were saved, and then I’d hit next, and it would say there was an error saving my answer, and to hit okay to fix it – hitting okay advanced me to the next question. So. Annoying.), so right now I’m studying my butt off for the first exam we’ll have on Wednesday. I’m making flashcards based on the learning objectives for each set of slides, and then I have to finish some chapter notes, read over the chapters and slides, read over the study guide and make additional flashcards if necessary, and take the exam 1 from last semester as practice. I’m also downing some cranberry orange tea while my awesome husband folds the laundry he did this weekend.


All my stuff spread out – slides, flashcards, pen, highlighter, and tea.

One of my professors is not my favorite – she is very inconsistent, and I am not learning anything from her. At all. It’s very disheartening. My other professors are amazing though – I have 5 total, so 4 out of 5 isn’t bad!! I really love my lab teacher – she’s so great and will explain anything to you until you get it, which I’m thankful for, because I get confused at times haha. We actually have a cranial nerve assessment tomorrow, and I’m feeling mildly nervous at the thought of it to be honest. I haven’t had much practice, but I think I’ll do well enough, as long as my nerves don’t get to me.


I told my partner I was wearing this to our assessment – she spit out her wine. 😉 A little charcoal sugar mud mask for fun this weekend.

Work is going well too, although I’m still stressed about that and school. I feel behind in everything, but having a job really helps us out (Kalen makes enough, but what I make is for our savings account and I don’t want to lose out on that).


My awesome husband Friday night at Old Chicago for dinner – it was POURING rain  and we got soaked walked in!

I was actually really sick two weeks ago – I missed two days of classes, and would have missed a third if it weren’t for a quiz we had in a class. I was miserable – I couldn’t breathe, and I had no voice. All I did was lie around in bed and sleep and drink cough syrup. It was awful. Finally I can sleep without coughing the whole night! It’s a miracle! Although now I have a really pretty cold sore, so there’s that.


Every Saturday I have to go to Kalen’s work to take one of my quizzes (our internet isn’t fast enough to upload the video I have to record of me taking it – so annoying!), so this Saturday I got all dolled up, and we went to JC Penney afterwards.


When I posted this to my Instagram, I titled it “The best part of waking up is grapefruit in a cup!” and it still is true. I love these!blog2

Sausage gravy I made today. I do a mixture of 1lb spicy and 1lb original breakfast sausages, and just brown ’em up, then I add in 1/2 cup of flour, and mix it until it’s all brown and not lumpy into the fat (there will be enough), then I add in 4 cups of milk (we use skim, but use whatever), and turn it to low. I liberally season with pepper, sometimes aleppo pepper (Penzey’s Spices), and a bit of salt (not much), then I cook it for a while (usually the 20-24 minutes it takes for the biscuits to finish), stirring it to make sure it is thickening up and not burning. So good! Next time I’m trying a tip from a friend, but modifying it a bit – this recipe is pretty basic, but the tip I haven’t seen/heard of, so I might do a blog post featuring that (I’ll be tweaking the tip she gave me to suit our preferences).blog1

Today I also boiled some eggs (for lunch, breakfast, and tonight’s dinner of Ukranian sandwiches, which is a mixture of cream cheese, butter, dill, and fresh garlic spread on some Vienna bread and topped with salami, sliced hardboiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, and usually sliced cucumbers too but I didn’t pick any up).


Recently, Kalen and I ordered new phones. This isn’t MINE, but it’s the mockup. The back is cabernet with champagne accents. I LOVE it!!!

I feel like we’ve spent a lot of money recently, because on top of new phones, I also bought a new laptop. In one of my classes, which is 3 hours long and a lecture, I use my laptop to take notes. My thumbs/hands are messed up and writing just isn’t possible. My laptop is awesome but when it isn’t plugged in, the battery life is about 3 hours. I don’t trust it to last the full 3, so we ordered one of Dell’s business laptops that is rated for 8 hours, and is a little smaller (mine is 15″ and this is 14″). It doesn’t have the side number pad, which is why I got my laptop to begin with but if the battery lasts longer, I’ll deal with it!

That’s really about all that’s been going on – school and work and spending money! I have been to the doctor a few times, to get my TB test (have to get the second part on Wednesday), and my titers (all my vaccinations are good to go!), and I had a regular checkup and blood work done too. It’s been busy, to say the least. But hey, busy is good, right?

How have you all been doing? Let me know!

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