Time Needs to Slow Down

This summer has been one of those summers. The type where there is just so much to do….and I do none of it. Seriously though, I hate that. And now, school starts again August 24th (although I’m hoping things are posted before that so I can get a head start on taking notes and reading materials), and I am thinking “Where did the time go? You have so much to do still!”


I did get some stuff accomplished though. A while back, Kalen broke our elliptical. He finally dragged it out to the road for the garbage to pick up, so we bought a new shelf, I tossed out whatever we did not need, got rid of the coffee table that held stuff like random books, and organized. All the books are on the shelves (although not alphabetized; we’ll get that back in order when we have our own house), the cookbooks are on the new shelf, along with magazines, binders of recipes and crochet patters, a storage bin with unsorted print outs, and my oil diffuser. All my yarn, minus the chunky and ruffle yarns I use most often, are put in bags in the basement. The ruffle yarns are all neatly organized into a little basket, the chunky yarns are neatly organized in a big cloth bin from Target (the other two are downstairs), and then various other yarns are in a green bin in the closet (I use those more often than when was). I have a little table to stack school books on, my Jamberry supplies are all neatly stored underneath my makeup table, and all we have left to do is hang some curtains, clear off the couch, and vacuum the area once more. Our bedroom is a wreck too, but that is mainly laundry I’m avoiding like the plague. Seriously, I hate to fold and put away. I can wash and line dry all day long, but the rest? No thanks. I had wanted to repaint my nightstand (which, Kalen and I both have a vacation week together, so that might happen then), and I want to do another go through of my closet and drawers and clear out what I do not wear or fit into or like. We need to buy a new shoe organizer, but our closet is sparkling (the one in the other room that is). Plus, when we are on vacation, I need to make up a bulk batch of breakfast sandwiches to freeze. I have 8am classes 3 days a week, and that means leaving the house no later than 7am. I won’t have time to make something each morning.

I had also had grand plans of losing weight and working out regularly this summer. Do you know what did not happen?

I’m sure you can guess.

I find it hard to stay motivated beyond one day. That’s terrible, I know, but true. Trust me, I want to be healthy. People will say that since I don’t work for it, I don’t want it. But I do. But, I don’t want to work for it either. Does that  make sense? I want it to be easy. To come easy. I don’t want to struggle. I know that isn’t realistic, but it’s the truth. Now that the room is clean though, I have room, and I’m hoping to psych myself up to do some yoga, pilates, videos, etc., and work out on a regular basis at home.

I do try to make healthy choices, but it seems like we’ve only been eating crap lately. We have been eating out far more often than we should, and just not eating well. Our garden is flourishing (speaking of, I need to weed the bean plot – it’s been taken over!), and there is an abundance of fresh vegetables that I can snack on. The amount of cucumbers we’re picking is obscene haha.

Kalen and I went with my Mom last weekend to visit my Gpa. It was nice, because he has an in-ground pool, so we spent Saturday and Sunday floating and getting some sun. We took down some pierogi from Pierogi Fest, and he has some brats from Wisconsin (he’d been fishing there), and we had quite the feast. It was really fun, but I missed Sirius and Ellie. Sigh.

Anyway, there isn’t much else going on really. Just working (still like the job!), preparing for the next semester, and avoiding obligations. You know, the usual.

How have your summers been?

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