My sister and I on the 4th

This weekend was spent enjoying family, fireworks, and freedom. Every year we have a huge party to celebrate the 4th of July (even having a memorial for Gma the year she died on that day), and I love it. We don’t do the parade, or the city’s fireworks (both get a little crazy), but we spend the day lounging in the pool, eating delicious food, and spending time together. At night we set off fireworks of our own, and then go our separate ways.

This weekend was special, because my Aunt Elsie (Gma’s sister) is in town. Thursday we began our celebrating, by celebrating her birthday chicken spanaki (recipe from The Parthenon in Chicago), hummus, Naan bread, and rice pilaf. So so so good. Friday she bought pizza for us all, and we hung out. Then of course Saturday was spent celebrating and soaking up the sun, and then the celebration continued into Sunday, where we floated, tanned, and had fun all day, ordering Chinese for dinner, and spending time together.

Honestly, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in some time. The weather was perfect, and so was the company. I loved spending time with family and friends in the pool and enjoying the food (of course!).

Today was back to reality though. Yesterday should have been, but after I stayed up all night watching Dance Academy, I slept all day. Oops. Today, I work. I’m actually at work right now, on the phones. I was terrified to do them this morning (my first time), but it’s not too terrible. I just ask a lot of questions. And I mean a lot of questions.

I actually enjoy working though. And I really enjoy packing snacks for work. Today’s snack was healthy: a heaping pile of baby carrots, hummus, Medjool dates, and a Babybel cheese.


Anyway, back to phone duty!

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