Pictures Galore!

I always think it is a bit fun to see a blogger I love post some random pictures of their life. Usually those are in the form of Instagram photos, which you can find here. I don’t take as many Instagram photos as I do just regular photos on my camera. I’m lazy and negligent of social media at times.

So rather than that, I thought it would be fun to not only share a glimpse of my life, but to show what it’s like unedited/unfiltered. You’re excited too, right? Good. Let’s buckle in!


This was one of the smallest Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers I’ve ever had. It was so cute! And tasty. πŸ˜‰


These are some seriously delicious olives. Thank you, Costco.


Part of my food prep is cutting a block of extra sharp cheddar into cubes. Otherwise I’ll eat the entire brick. What can I say, I love cheese!

I hate condensation. I love my Contigo. This rubberbanded paper towel is my solution.


The plus to condensation is getting to use my really awesome coasters.


My cousin is an amazingly awesome hairstylist. She always uses this in my hair – I finally caved and bought some. Best purchase ever!


Two of my three handsome fellas. Sirius LOVES his Daddy.


I thought my favorite name book was lost forever (it was on the bookshelf, and that was the last place I looked….haha). Love to use this when writing.


One morning I heard a loud boom. Came out and asked Kalen what it was…the elliptical broke (while in use). Thankfully he wasn’t hurt. Unfortunately we’re now without our elliptical. Boo.

IMAG0650 IMAG0651 IMAG0652 IMAG0653

I think that these four pictures make it pretty obvious that some SERIOUS cleaning is in order. We just have so much stuff and no space for it. The downside to living with your mother-in-law, squeezed into two bedrooms.


New crochet in the works. Testing out a variation of a pattern I do often. If it works, I’ll be happy.


This stuff is my daily jam from spring to fall. The only time I don’t use it is in winter.

IMAG0671 IMAG0672This little girl has been near me all day. Next to me in bed (scratching me in demand of attention) and in front of me on the desk. Ellie loves her Mommy. πŸ˜‰

That’s really about all. Did you like the picture post as much as I tend to enjoy them? I’m contemplating a weekly series of what I ate in a day, or what I ate throughout the week, on my other blog – would there be an interest to see that here? Let me know!

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