Working Girl

Working again has been such a huge joy. Not only does it get me out of the house 4 days a week for a few hours (typically 4-5 hours a shift), but it keeps me from snacking 24/7. And there’s the interaction aspect of it too, I suppose. So far I like everyone I’ve met, a few more than others, but no one is intolerable; we just don’t talk much. It’s pretty slow right now, because there isn’t much action during the Maymester, and Summer Semester starts the 15th, so it might pick up soon, I hope! This job has some serious perks, because aside from working with my schedule for classes, I’m able to do homework while working too. Right now, without homework, I’m allowed to be on my phone, or to read/write. We don’t have to just sit here, doing nothing and waiting for someone to come in, so that’s really, REALLY nice.

I started doing Weight Watchers again (and made a new blog regarding that journey). It’s been going well – I’m eating healthier, watching my portions more closely, and I am DETERMINED to lose this weight once and for all! My clothes are already fitting a bit better (although some are still far too tight to consider wearing just yet), and I feel better in general. I seem to work a lot of early mornings (which I prefer), and waking up I’m not as sluggish or tired, and I seem to be sleeping much better than before. So those are some nice reasons to continue this journey, and make sure that I’m successful at it.

I’m still working on saving money, and keeping my spending habits in check. It’s hard, really hard. There are things I genuinely need (like a new eyebrow pencil, as I have none, and yes that is a need – they need filling in!), or snacks for work (healthy snacks). I also need a few more tank tops to get me through the hot summer months, but I’m putting that off. I’d like new underwear (mine are old), but I’m putting that off until I lose enough weight to go down a size or two. I also have to keep up with making sure my hair is dyed, so the grays aren’t showing (no one wants a ton of gray hair at 30, at least I don’t). But another struggle is binge eating  fast food. It’s a terrible, bad habit. I hate it. But then I love it, or I wouldn’t do it, I suppose. But it’s awful, and I know I need to stop. It hasn’t happened too recently, but still. It’s a waste of money, and bad for me.

So, that’s really about it. How is your summer going so far? Any fun plans?

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