Celebrate Good Times, COME ON!


Sunday, April 26th, marked one year of wedded bliss to my hunky husband. We celebrated Saturday and went to a local restaurant that uses only local food and organic meats (SO SO SO GOOD!), so that is what the above picture is from. I failed to get one of Kalen and I together, but he looked handsome. But then again, he always does.

Finals are here now. I have three things left in two classes: my Spanish final Monday and I have a reflective letter and final project due Sunday for my Intro to English Lit class. Have I started said final project? NOPE. Oops. I’m not entirely stressed though, because I do my best work last minute (which is terrible, I know!). The few times I’ve written a paper before the night before the due date, I’ve gotten either a low A or high B on it. But when I write them the night before? Almost 100% in most of the cases, or a very high A. So, I’ll stick to my current methods of paper writing, for now. I know once I’m further along, I won’t be able to procrastinate successfully.

I’ve been feeling really off lately, so I made an appointment with my general practitioner. My feet had been swelling, and of course I Googled that. According to WebMD, I have right side heart failure, liver and kidney failure, and a blood clot. Of course, none of those were anything I even thought I had, nor took seriously (I’m not that stupid lol, but I was curious because my feet never swell and I don’t take in a large amount of sodium). He thinks that since it appears my new insulin (Novolog 70/30) isn’t really working, even though I’m following (for the most part) the plan given to me by my nutritionist through my endocrinologist’s office, and after taking 100 units of insulin (I take that twice a day, so a total of 200 was taken that day, and I was well under my recommended carbohydrate intake), my blood sugar was over 400. SERIOUSLY!? I made another appointment with my endocrinologist, but can’t see him until May 19th (awesome), and I’m going to ask him for a sample of Victoza to try one more time. I took it once before, and when I took the half dose, my sugars were much lower, and I was losing weight (that is one of the benefits of the medication). With insulin, I just gain weight, I can’t seem to lose, and that’s a problem with insulin. It’s so stupid too, because if I lost weight, my sugar would be more easily managed, but insulin is making that impossible for me. The problem with Victoza was the full dose. When I started taking that amount, I spent a week on the toilet with a bucket in front of me. This was because of the medication, and so I quit taking it. But, it DID work at lowering the sugar, and at helping me lose weight. So, I think if he’ll allow me to try it at the half dose only, and see where it goes from there….well, I’m hoping it works out. I’m so sick of the numbers I’m getting, regardless of the way I’m eating and exercising. So freaking frustrating!!!!

Great news! I GOT A JOB! *bows to applause and cheering*

But seriously, at the end of last month, I applied to a few places, and three called me for interviews. I thought all three went well, but I never heard anything. The one I got is through the university. I’ll be working in the Office of the Registrar. She told me she needed permission for me to work, since I’m not taking summer courses, and it took longer than she thought, but she emailed me yesterday to ask if I was still interested in the position. I immediately emailed back with an enthusiastic YES, and asked what the next step was. She said she’ll contact me about filling out paperwork, but my tentative start date is May 18th. Wooo hoooo!!! This job paid less than the other two, BUT it is the one that works most easily around my ever changing school schedule, and I can go to work between gaps in classes too. Even just a few days a week will be wonderful – I’ll be out of the house and not studying or in class, and I’ll be earning money to put towards our house fund. I’m psyched!

Anyway, there isn’t much else to say that I can think of, and I should probably go get some sleep. Plus, the hunky husband is already in bed, and I like to snuggle with my man.

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