When It Starts to Feel Real

I’ve been on this nursing journey now since August of 2012. That was when I finally went back to school, and began taking the prerequisites for that particular school’s nursing program (well, and my current school too). So currently, I have almost 3 full years under my belt (going by semesters: fall 2012/spring 2013, fall 2013/spring 2014, and fall 2014/spring 2015) and one summer semester (summer 2013). That’s 7 semesters of classes. The program I’m in now is a total of 4 years (or you know, 8 semesters). Part of why it hasn’t felt real is that the school I’m at now incorporates some of the prerequisites into the nursing school semesters. Well, I took those, but I’m not able to jump ahead any, so my semester in the program last year was a total of ONE nursing class, which was only a 1 credit hour class at that. After 4 classes, I was done. Seriously?

Now, I’m almost done with my second official semester of nursing school. This time, I had 2 nursing classes, as well as Spanish, Intro to English Literature and American History (only one of those last two was required for my humanities credit, but because I needed full time aid, I took both). Next semester though is where it really starts to be nursing school.

I’ll have 3 classes, and 1 has a lab to it. I have friends in that class and have heard how difficult the class is. Weirdly enough, I am so excited! I could take the lab class this summer, but I opted not to. I was going to take my statistics class (last non-nursing class I need) in the fall, but I’m thinking of putting it off and taking it in the summer with my friend, because I’m also taking Spanish again.

The reason it’s starting to feel real to me, is that I’m FINALLY taking the classes that really have to do with nursing. I’ll be in a lab setting, and it just feels like it will be a bit of a wake up. Of course, I still have 3 full years left of school to complete, but this first year (and the years prior) have really seemed to fly by, so I feel like that will be the case now too.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been in school this long, and still have so much more to go though. If I could go back in time and skip the first school, and just start at the one I’m at now, I’d be happier (and further along!), but I can’t change the past, I can just make sure the future rocks.

Also, Kalen graduates May 9th. WHOA. And April 26th is one year of being married to that amazing guy. DOUBLE WHOA.

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