So This Is Thirty


Gift bag from Auntie – she’s really into Breaking Bad….haha.


Mom and I, being photo bombed by Kalen, Ashley, Terrence, and Jaimi.

Man, time flies. Like, 30 years flying by, faster than you can imagine. I turned 30 on 3/30 (Golden Birthday, awww yeah!). I’m not quite where I thought I’d be at 30. Living with my mother-in-law, full time student – I thought I’d own a home and have kids and a degree by now. And I’ll still get there, just a little later than I thought, I suppose.

My awesome husband threw me a surprise party on the 28th. I love that guy so much! You want to talk about selfless and giving – that’s him!!! I’m so freaking lucky!

The semester is winding down – thankfully. Still a bit crazy though, since this is when ALL the projects occur. Barf.


Husband and I on Easter11088333_10155417093015319_1618528323621081204_n Nicky, Ashley, Mom, Auntie, and I on Easter, with Alan photo bombing us.


Showing some love to Ashley. On Easter. 😉

I need to start working out and eating healthier. I’ve gained 20 pounds since the beginning of the year. Ugh.

Anyway. How are you all?

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