When It Starts to Feel Real

I've been on this nursing journey now since August of 2012. That was when I finally went back to school, and began taking the prerequisites for that particular school's nursing program (well, and my current school too). So currently, I have almost 3 full years under my belt (going by semesters: fall 2012/spring 2013, fall … Continue reading When It Starts to Feel Real

So This Is Thirty

Gift bag from Auntie - she's really into Breaking Bad....haha. Mom and I, being photo bombed by Kalen, Ashley, Terrence, and Jaimi. Man, time flies. Like, 30 years flying by, faster than you can imagine. I turned 30 on 3/30 (Golden Birthday, awww yeah!). I'm not quite where I thought I'd be at 30. Living … Continue reading So This Is Thirty